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Elliott Smith

A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free (8 versions)
A Fond Farewell (8 versions)
A Question Mark
Alameda (6 versions)
Alphabet Town (5 versions)
Angeles (8 versions)
Baby Britain (3 versions)
Ballad of Big Nothing (4 versions)
Between the Bars (9 versions)
Bled White
Bottle Up And Explode! (5 versions)
Can'€™t Make a Sound (3 versions)
Christian Brothers (2 versions)
Clementine (2 versions)
Coast to Coast (6 versions)
Coming Up Roses (3 versions)
Condor Ave. (5 versions)
Don'€™t Go Down (3 versions)
Easy Way Out (2 versions)
Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands (2 versions)
Everything Means Nothing to Me (3 versions)
Everything Reminds Me of Her (5 versions)
I Better Be Quiet Now (5 versions)
I Didn'€™t Understand (3 versions)
Independence Day (3 versions)
Junk Bond Trader (3 versions)
King'€™s Crossing (7 versions)
Kiwi Maddog 20/20 (3 versions)
LA (4 versions)
Last Call (3 versions)
Let'€™s Get Lost (6 versions)
Memory Lane (2 versions)
Needle in the Hay (7 versions)
No Name #1 (5 versions)
Oh Well, Okay (7 versions)
Pictures of Me (3 versions)
Pitseleh (3 versions)
Pretty (Ugly Before) (7 versions)
Pretty Mary K (3 versions)
Punch and Judy (2 versions)
Roman Candle (4 versions)
Rose Parade (7 versions)
Say Yes (8 versions)
Shooting Star (4 versions)
Single File (2 versions)
Somebody That I Used to Know (5 versions)
Son of Sam (9 versions)
Speed Trials (2 versions)
St. Ides Heaven (5 versions)
Strung Out Again (3 versions)
Stupidity Tries (2 versions)
Sweet Adeline (5 versions)
The Biggest Lie
The Last Hour
The White Lady Loves You More
Tomorrow Tomorrow
Twilight (5 versions)
Waltz #2 (XO) (3 versions)
Wouldn'€™t Mama Be Proud? (3 versions)

Steven Paul "Elliott" Smith (August 6, 1969 – October 21, 2003) was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. Smith was born in Omaha, Nebraska, raised primarily in Texas, and lived for much of his life in Portland, Oregon, where he first gained popularity. Smith’s primary instrument was the guitar, though he was also proficient with piano, clarinet, bass guitar, drums, and harmonica. Smith had a distinctive vocal style, characterized by his "whispery, spiderweb-thin delivery", and used multi-tracking to create vocal layers, textures, and harmonies.

After playing in the rock band Heatmiser for several years, Smith began his solo career in 1994, with releases on the independent record labels Cavity Search and Kill Rock Stars (KRS). In 1997, he signed a contract with DreamWorks Records, for which he recorded two albums. Smith rose to mainstream prominence when his song "Miss Misery"—included in the soundtrack for the film Good Will Hunting (1997)—was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Original Song category in 1998.

Smith had trouble with alcohol and other drugs throughout his life, while suffering from depression, and these topics often appear in his lyrics. In 2003, aged 34, he died in Los Angeles, California, from two stab wounds to the chest. The autopsy evidence was inconclusive as to whether the wounds were self-inflicted. At the time of his death, Smith was working on his sixth studio album, From a Basement on the Hill, which was posthumously completed and released in 2004.