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Sonata Arctica

8th Commandment (2 versions)
Ain'€™t Your Fairytale (7 versions)
Alone in Heaven (3 versions)
Among the Shooting Stars
As If the World Wasn'€™t Ending (2 versions)
Black Sheep (5 versions)
Blank File (4 versions)
Blinded No More (3 versions)
Blood (2 versions)
Breathing (10 versions)
Broken (3 versions)
Caleb (3 versions)
Candle Lawns
Cinderblox (4 versions)
Closer to an Animal
Cloud Factory (2 versions)
Destruction Preventer
Don'€™t Be Mean (2 versions)
Don'€™t Say a Word (3 versions)
Draw Me (3 versions)
Flag in the Ground
For the Sake of Revenge (3 versions)
Fullmoon (7 versions)
Good Enough Is Good Enough (3 versions)
Gravenimage (4 versions)
I Have a Right (2 versions)
In the Dark (6 versions)
Juliet (2 versions)
Kingdom for a Heart (3 versions)
Last Drop Falls (5 versions)
Letter to Dana (4 versions)
Mary-Lou (5 versions)
My Land (5 versions)
My Selene (2 versions)
Only the Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful) (6 versions)
Paid in Full (3 versions)
Picturing the Past
Replica (8 versions)
Respect the Wilderness (3 versions)
Revontulet (3 versions)
Running Lights
San Sebastian (revisited) (3 versions)
Shamandalie (6 versions)
Sing in Silence (3 versions)
Somewhere Close to You (3 versions)
Tallulah (14 versions)
The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Real Puppet (2 versions)
The Cage (2 versions)
The Day (3 versions)
The End of This Chapter (6 versions)
The Last Amazing Grays (3 versions)
The Truth Is Out There (2 versions)
The Wolves Die Young (3 versions)
They Follow (2 versions)
Tonight I Dance Alone (3 versions)
Under Your Tree
UnOpened (2 versions)
Victoria'€™s Secret (7 versions)
Weballergy (4 versions)
What Did You Do in the War, Dad?
White Pearl, Black Oceans... (2 versions)
Wildfire (2 versions)
Wolf & Raven
X Marks the Spot

Sonata Arctica is a Finnish power metal band from the town of Kemi, Finland. Created as a hard rock band named Tricky Beans, they later changed to Tricky Means and finally to Sonata Arctica, when they shifted to power metal. The current line-up consists of singer, keyboardist and songwriter Tony Kakko, guitarist Elias Viljanen, bass guitarist Pasi Kauppinen, keyboardist and keytarist Henrik Klingenberg, and drummer Tommy Portimo. All the musicians of the band’s history except Portimo also acted as backing vocalists.

As of 2016, the band has released nine full-length albums (three via Spinefarm Records and six via Nuclear Blast), their most recent being The Ninth Hour on October 7, 2016.