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Yay!! Old Doll, My only chordie fan...LOL! kidding...

Thank you! As always I appreciate the comments. big_smile You're right, it is actually not a slow one as you heard.

This song does have music but I have not recorded it to be able to show anyone and I am not very handy with the chord put-er on-er-er thing that is available to use here on Chordie. I will try again though...


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Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the replies. I love imagery so it is usually my goal to try to create a picture in someones head. I am thrilled that you guys enjoyed it.
I have supplied a link to a you tube of the song. I sang it at a local Starbucks here in South Florida. The audio is not good and I make a bunch of mistakes but I hope, if you watch, you can get a feel of the song.



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This is a song I wrote awhile ago but like many of my songs it started out as just words which as we all know is some form of poetry. So, I hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.


Black waves roll and crash in my sea
I would take a breath but there is no oxygen to breathe
Not as bright as I used to be
My edges are dulled and I've lost speed

Oh I've lost some speed along the way
And I've lost some speed along the way

This expanse is crushing and black as ink
My place in this galaxy is playing hide and seek
I've lost some sparkle from dust and debris
I know the light won't reflect as deeply

But no other has been made quite like me
No no other has been made quite like me

I saw your face I said your name when I made the Heavens and the dearth
In secret I knitted you with the best in the depths of the Earth
I heard your words I watched you grow and I love you Love you so


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This is actually a song I wrote but works just as well as a poem. That is how it was originally written anyway. Hope you enjoy. As always your comments are welcomed.


Swirling Winds Swirling winds
Tiny Funnels of power begin
The rains will come the winds will blow
Spinning colors of silver and gold

Tip toe starlight gently inhale life
Her lungs fill up like balloons and kites
Sad clown visits and makes her cry
Out slips the balloon and is lost in the sky
Something left her she stares at the balloon
Now now it's free, free from it's tomb
Her hair whips in the winds of change
She feels deaths clutches let loose from her veins

Swirling Winds Swirling winds
Tiny Funnels of power begin
The rains will come the winds will blow
Spinning colors of silver and gold

She spins and spins with freedom and joy
Spinning pictures of colors lke ponds filled with koi
She sparks others who stare hypnotized
By the pastels and hues glittering in the skies

Swirling Winds Swirling winds
Tiny Funnels of power begin
The rains will come the winds will blow
Spinning colors of silver and gold


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I liked it also. I must admit I only got half way through, But I did like it. 8-)


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That is funny!! "Cause it just may be a luuunatic you're looking for..." LOL!!!
My wife and I don't have a song. I find it REALLY difficult to pin one down. Good luck. ha


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Good 'ol Miami! They do see a lot of "stuff" in Miami Int. but Selso is right all Americans are not that way. I live in South Fla. and I guess I am just used to it. Don't expect southern hospitality down here for sure. LOL!


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By the time it was finished I assumed it was relating to a child. I was actually hoping I was wrong. sad.
Nicely written.


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I loved this!!
I felt your warm sentiment for Mr. Ollie. I have never even heard of him till now and I think he is great!! HA!
The pic of him with the horse is EXCELLENT! It allowed me to visualize that much more during the reading.
That was fun to read.
NIce 1!!!


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That's a terrible story Daddy!!
Nice song Vking.


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Loved it.

Kids Rule!!!


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I bought my 3 year old his first acoustic guitar for his birthday. He likes to bang on it as well. I knowmhe is a lot younger than your 7 year old but I also have two 9 year olds who bang on it as well as my 7 year old. I have found it more enjoyable for them from a fun stand point and also from the stand point of keeping them interested in it to tune it to an open tuning, which means they can hold down all the strings on a fret and it plays a chord all the way up the neck. Right away they are playing songs and learning rhythm straight out the box, among other things. Just a thought that I found cool.


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mixter102 wrote:
Caracena wrote:
mixter102 wrote:

Fenders higher quality acoustic lines are Taylor, Guild  and Ovation.

Is this true?  I had no idea that these were "divisions" of Fender.

(Would it be like Lexus is the "luxury" division of Toyota?)

yep, it's true



I did not know that either. Although, I am not a HUGE follower of Fender anyway.
I have an FJ-70 Fender Acoustic and a Guild.
The Fender's tone is dark and fuller while the Guild is bright and tinny (But not in a bad way).
Granted strings, cleanliness and age among a variety of other things change the guitars sound especially over time but they are 2 different animals. I did not like the sound of the Guild at first when compared side by side with the Fender. I got over that quickly. The Fender is not as easy to play as the Guild but as you all know that can also be adjusted. I will say that  the Fender "seems" a bit klunkier than the Guild. Although I do like the Fender I prefer the Guild.
I have not had a good chance to compare them while recording them unplugged through a mic, but I seem to lean towards the darker than the tinny.

Since you've just opened my eyes to Fender I realized that 3 of my 6 guitars are Fenders!!!
That is CRAZY!!!!!
Thanks for blowing my mind Mixter! smile


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Practice is as practice does. smile


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Hey Russ, Where can I convert it to cash baby!!!!!! smile


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So you need to have Audacity, correct?

That is my only thing. I do not have Audacity or any other computer based software. So I would love to help but I don't want to say yes and not actually be able to. Ya know?


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Thanks gents.
What am I aboard on?


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What is the prerequisite??
I have been playing drums since I was 14.


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Did someone say BASS?????

I also play the drums on a piece of wood using 4 thickies!!!!

Caracena wrote:

I can't believe I just read through this entire thread....pretty funny stuff.  Thanks for the laughs smile

I am right there with you!!!!

Old Doll - You have a reality based grip on life. Good for you. I enjoyed the thread.

Long Live silly!!!!!

If we only stayed 6!!!!!


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I am confused! Where is the video??


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Nice one. As long as the good out ways the bad you are doing O.K.

I'll be prayin' for our son.


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Read Schmead!!!
Music is not all about reading. If it was it would be called.......READING!!!
Do it man.


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Very Nice!!
Just listened, I like it a lot.
Keep it up.