The heavier the strings the better the tone. The lighter the easier it is to play them.



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Since this is a topic about Distinctive strummers. One of my favorites has to be Ritchie Havens. He has redone many hits and lots of times better than the original.

Check him out he is well worth the time.


Check to see if your guitar or amp has a notch filter. If so turn it on and adjust it till there is no feed back. The guitar top vibrates causing the feed back every guitar vibrates at a different frequency.



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Three great amps are SWR, Trace Elliott and Fishman. I have played them all I own a Trace Elliott My friend owns a fishman. Try them out before you buy anything. They are more money but well worth it.

I know you wanted to get away from the geek thing but that is all we know about your band.

If you are older "Antique Geek"


Gigabite, Megabite, Hard Drive,

Since you picked a name out of a cook book "SOLE KITCHEN" Sole Seeker, Sole Seer, Toupee Souffle, Cafe Souffle

A real manly name, "Big Richard" If there is an Asian guy in the band "Hung Lo"

Funny Names - Ima Nassol - Justin Case - Justin Time - Free Drinxx -

it appears to be dddduddddu change chord. Chords appear to be C G Am Em



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That could mean that your key could be an F. As far as playing with a capo some people use it to make things easier.  You don't have to use it. If you have the capo on the second fret and play an Em chord shape the actual chord is a Fm.



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Well the one great thing that I see with a robot guitar is that it should be able to tune the guitar perfectly. I know that I get it close but sometimes it is off a little.


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Asus2 = x--            Bpower = x--                  C# = 4--
            o--                            x--                           6--
            2--                            4--                           6--
            2--                            4--                           6--
            0--                            2--                           4--
            x--                            x                              x

I was taught to play a B power chord that way I think it is really called a B5. Sus I believe it means suspended. As far as what power means I think it means you just play the first 3 lower notes for a deep full powerful sound.



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I saw ads for this new guitar and was wondering if anyone had one. Also if it is as easy as it shows to tune and restring?



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Adjusting the bridge is for intonation. To make sure your guitar plays in tune. ex. the open E is also an E at the 12th fret. and same with all other strings. If your string length is to long or short you will have sharps or flats at the 12 fret. adjusting your bridge will correct this problem.



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Que522, Have you thought about going to a pawn shop? You could possibly get something better for less money.



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No problem Astro


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I was not suggesting that he has to fret a chord a certain way. But I promise you that there are many chords that he plays that have common fingers that he can leave on the fret board to make it easier to change to the new chord. But there are correct ways to fret chords that make them easier to form. That is why you buy a book of chords that has a fingering diagram. Once you cement a bad habit it is hard to correct the problem. For years I would play power chords with my pinky underneath the fretboard. I still have trouble with this years later after correcting it.



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Astro there are many chords that have common notes in the fingering that you can leave that finger where it is and just change the shape of your hand. That helped me on changing chords.

Ex. Going from D to G I leave my ring finger on the fretboard and just move the other ones to form the G.



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Did you say your guitar developed a higher action. Does that mean that at one time it was lower? their are only a few things that will change your action. Either you adjusted the truss rod, you went to a heavier gauge string or maybe the neck is warping. If you mess with anything I would take the guitar back to the store and inform them that the action has changed and make them aware that you might be returning it for a replacement.



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A pull off is simple you pick a note and pull off to another note on the same string. It is like picking with your finger that is fingering the first note.


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Don't take this the wrong way please. I am not trying to belittle you.

Well first of all you only know a few songs all the way through. According to your words. How can you be satisfied with that? Most people want to master an instrument.

It sounds like you want approval to get an electric guitar. If you want one go get one. That chioce is up to you. Acoustic or electric they are both a guitar. They play a little different. But 99.9% the same. I used to get a new guitar when my learning got stagnant but now I realize that  doesn't help. You have to either work through it or focus on something different and it will come to you. 

As far as you can do just about every chord. Everyone can do just about every chord but can they remember them? There are thousands and thousands of chord variations. To many for anyone to learn them all in a year.

It also seems like you have tried a few things with your guitar and now are stuck. Now that you have dabbled a little it is time to master them skills. I know that I try to prefect my playing as much as possible.

Get an electric and switch back and forth from them that might help you when your learning curve flattens out.

Good luck.


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You are welcome! Good luck!!!


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I can not find this chord anywhere.

I think 8th_note is incorrect unless I am reading it wrong.

f you play a D chord and move that shape up a whole note (which is 2 frets) you are now in the 4th fret and you can not bend your pinky backwards.


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It is playing by numbers.

the strings are as follows:

e -------------------1---
B ----------------1------
G -------------2---------
D ----------3------------
A -------3---------------
E ---1-------------------

The numbers represent what fret you press down on and what string.

Below would be an example of a chord when all strings are strummed at the same time.

e ---1-------------------
B ---1-------------------
G ---2-------------------
D ---3-------------------
A ---3-------------------
E ---1-------------------

Slides are represented by a slash either up or down.

Hammer on = h
Pull off = p
Palm mute = pm
Vibrato = ~

There are places on this site that explain all of this but this will get you started.

I would also get a chord chart that tells you what fingers to use and how to place them. There is nothing like getting into a bad habbit then finding out later that you have to change that habbit. Very hard to do.

If I could do it all over again I would have gotten lessons. You find out all the short cuts and proper way to do things.



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When I play the F chord I have learned that if I hang the first joint of the barring finger over the neck I can exert more pressure comfortably and get a much cleaner sound out of it. That only took me 20 years to figure out.


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I suggest you keep trying to play the correct fingering. It will pay off in the long run. I used to cheat the chords and it sounds good at first, but when you start playing with other people you notice that now you sound like poop! Just stick with it. It will come. I have short hands also and now I can stretch 6 frets from my index to my pinky. where when I started I could only go 4 frets.


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A great Love song is Annie's Song by John Denver.


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The way I strum it is DDUUDU. But there is no right way to strum anything. Just strum it the way you feel. Also change up the strumming on songs. Experiment using different techniques. This way later on after you played the song a million times you wont get bored of it. Plus you will get your strumming tight.