Gibson faded SG
Ovation celebrity 12 string
ovation 6 string (dont know the model)


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Roger Guppy wrote:

Hi Sanguine,

I am pleased that you had a great time experimenting with equipment it really sounds like had fun and have given yourself more impetus to play. I know that Southpaw41L is a big fan of looping and uses it at his gigs but it is something I have yet to try. I guess you will be visiting more often now.

Looking at your signature you must be related to Russell Harding he is addicted to ice cream lol


I would visit more but i live in the central united states...its kind of tough


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So i am visiting my aunt in Mass. and my cousins play guitar and lately ive been feeling down about my guitar abilities. they have all fender equipment and the amp i was playing was a fender guitar digital entertainment center or Fender G-DEC. by no means was it the best sounding amp ever but for its size it had a fine tone and a rather large selection of preprogrammed sounds...Any way it lets you record a 15 second or so track that just loops over and over again. so i could finally hear myself...and i sounded good.  I sat there and played for an hour just on a continual solo thing until my hands just went and quit. you could also plug two guitars into it.

Just wanted to share my small yet life altering experience


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jimi Paige
Jimi Hendrix
Jerry garcia
Eric Clapton
George Harrison


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thank you guys I am tryin the mouth thing and that seems to help also recording has lent me some more....em..cant think of the word....
any way thank you guys again


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1.) I have read recently that most rock guitarists do not use a pentatonic scale but a sort of hybrid pentatonic/mixolodian.  and if this is true can any one tell me how to play it?

2.) Does anyone know any good practicing techniques to increase finger speed and accuracy?

3.) When I solo on any given song it kind of sounds the same as the previous solo of the last song...its all kind of bland any ideas?

Thank you...if you have answers.


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Ovation (my favorite) has very afordable, not to mention, beautiful guitars. that is if your not against round backs.  Check em out they are so worth it!!


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Oh just thought of a great one and its real eay too.  Blackbird by the beatles sounds awesome!!!


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Yes old coons we just got our second snow day may second woot woot...damn wheather


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There is no such thing at cheating in guitar there is just what ever is easier.  I was taught always to be lazy playing the guitar (economy of movement) so if a "cheating" chord is handiest by G-d thats what I'll use, if not than there's a barcode

I'm all about the ovation


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Tangerine Led Zepplin

Jack and Diane John Mellincamp (sounds great acustic)

Stair way to Heaven (jk)
Oh heres a good one Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zepplin sounds great

if all rap qualifies then so does all the country music


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and her fingers are so shiney callused that it reflects light a very serious problem.  all the girls i have dated have admired my nimble fingers and i have never heard a complaint of roughness.



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Zurf wrote:

A lot of spanish style songs are in the dorian mode.  You need to know scales to understand modes.  Once you know scales and the dorian mode, you'll be playing latin style music much more easily.

- Zurf

stop me if im wrong but i started to look around after you said dorian mode and some resource told me it was a phrygian mode the used.


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false the person below me worships jimi hendrix


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d for dijeridoo


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your rules


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i just wanted to know what everyones favorite scales to use in solos mine is the minor penatonic scale does anyone have any others


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nothing gets easier than back in black by ac/dc you wont have any problems finding it

good luck


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i love the sound of mexican and spanish guitars as well as the other latin american sounds but i have trouble playing it does any one no any scales that would help me in my quest to add that sound into my bag of tricks it would meen a lot to me thanks

its cool stuff and is suck so all my friends who cant play guitar but can play guitar hero make fun of me then i wip out my sg and show them my skills

happy birthday dude


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big signature riff that i love would be my opener heavy distortion on my sg and a steady thump on the drums while the lead guitar breaks out