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I think you should improvise your own


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Hey guys and gals!!!!!!
Sorry I've been M.I.A. for many months now.  I'll catch ya all up. My wife Leah just had a boy 2 days before Thanksgiving. His name is Matthias and he is 21 inches long and 8 3/4 pounds. I've been working with a band called Noble Vessels and working on improving my organ skills as well as working as a body man at a Mack dealership. I just got a house here in Murphysboro Il and while it's my first place that isn't an apartment or a box made mostley of aluminum and paneling, it's a pretty lame town so if anyone is close to here please bring an axe and help me livin it up. Anyway I have a lot of posts to read so I'll see you all later.


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Nobody likes being heckled. I try to keep in mind that I'm there to give my audience a good time. If that is how some clown has fun then I just let him. If I'm playing crappy (and I usualy know right off if I am) I just gut it out and try to get it together on the next number. If the person doesn't like the song I'm playing sometimes I follow it up with some silly little kid's song and then move into a song that makes the room explode like sweet home alabama or sweet child o mine and play my guts out. After that I usualy don't hear from them any more.


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Hi Zurf!
Welcome to chordie. Hope you have fun and I look forward to more posts from you. Even if it is about nothing, it's still nice to hear from everyone.


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You should learn power chords anyway cause then you already have half of a barr chord.


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"Not to touch the earth" by the doors is a very trippy song with or without outside help. My old band had a song I'd written called "Paradise". I think I may have posted it in the songwriting. Anyway, Sometimes, (again with or without) when we would perform it on stage, I would get completely lost in the song. Sometimes, The song would go over 9 minutes because I would forget I was on stage and the music would go on until I came back and sang the last verse.
As far as drugs go... If you did them and quit, you are smart. If you never did them you are brilliant. If you are still doing them, I hope you wise up before you end up like me realizing you are not on stage, you're in biology class or driving down the highway. Once you do them (at least the ones I did) you never think the same again and thats not always a groovy tuned in thing.
Thanx to James for allowing the thread to continue and thanx to everyone for your mature approach to a risky subject.


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Great song, love!!!!
The wife and i had a go at it and still a bit akward but I'm really feeling it. Very nice.


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Hey guys and gals,
Will you help me brainstorm for ideas for the follow up for this one? I have a couple of ideas but having trouble taking off with it.


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It is Damn good!


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It's easy to get to America...Turn left at Greenland.


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Thats the same machine I work out on.


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People ask this question quite often. I think you should take lessons if you can. Use them to expand what you are able to do with your style. One of my best mates is 51 years old and has a real passion for playing but no longer has a passion for being a musician. I can see the frustration on his face when I'm playing something that his basic I IV V open chord with maybe a change in the middle eight won't cover. He wants to play along but not badly enough to invest a few months in learnning barr chords (not as hard as they are made out to be) and a few different strum patterns and chord progressions. Basicly if you are willing to learn and then integrate it into your style I'd say go for!


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I knew once I played it.


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They were the first chords I found out even existed so I really didn't have anything to compare it to. I thought open chordes were a pain. After having to only make a couple of shapes and then simply make them on different spots olang the neck, all those akward shapes that seemed to eighther strech my hands or cramp them seemed like such a drag to master. All those open strings ringing out. Control and perscision seemed impossible for a while. I'm glad I learnned them though and you will be too when you master your white whale.
But in keeping with the spirit of your wife, " I had such a tuff time learnning them too, But you'll get it, Tiger Man!"
Good luck mate!


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I'm with you on this one. Actually I was the opposite. I started on guitar and wanted to tinker on piano. It was easy once I realised that scales and chords are made of the same notes on any instrument it became easy to to start learnning almost any instrument . I just had to find the notes on the instrument. I think it's a great idea for any musician to try a little something on every instrument they can get ahold of.


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You could go to www.guitarpartsusa.com and get a kit to build your own.


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Love. Such a great band and I found them when I was looking on line for info about the Beatles album love. Listen to em sometime they are great.

I'm with Roger. Sounds like a good plan.


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Hey all!!!!
I just recently joinned my friends christian rock/pop band. We are all old friends and have played together in various bands at one time or another. We have a  60's rock n roll/blues feel and are adapting some hymns to our style but none of us know any contemporary christian music that isn't slow or just a chorous over and over. In short we need stuff that isn't borring. We have a couple from Newsboys and from Jars of Clay. Any other suggestions?

Doesn't really matter to me. Moving them might help break the habit of posting off topic in other forums.


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Freebird!!!!! I still refuse to play it on stage.


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jerome.oneil wrote:

Your ability to play any music is directly related to your ability to manipulate the fretboard in a predictable manner.  That sounds calculated and cold, but that's the framework in which creativity flows.

that's all that music is. Manipulating notes (there are only a few) in a way that realises what is in you. Very well put, jerome.


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Your teacher is full of it!!! There is nothing advanced about it. Find an F on a chord chart and learn to make it. It is a little different from an open chord because you use your whole hand. then you can move it up and down the neck to make any major chord. do the same with a Bm. Now you can make any minor chord. After that it's a matter of moving a finger here and there and you can make any chord your little heart desires. Any go f--k teacher who says that something is too advanced needs to be replaced. Nothing is too advanced to someone who want's to learn. Remember there are only 12 tones. Everything eles is a matter of manipulating them for the desired sound. The fact that you want to know is a good sign that you will not have much trouble learnning!


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I think you are doing well. If you want to play by sight (which I equate to painting by  ear) then you have to practice and learn even if it takes longer. If it isn't that important to you then keep doing what works for you. if you like your guitar on the left knee then play that way same if you like it on your right. It doesn't matter if you lay it on the floor and play it with your toes. Do whatever is best for you and try everything even after you decide on something. In fact the great Segovia who bassically evented classical guitar playing did so to free the guitar and players from the box that "serious" musicians had put them in. Naturaly we built a new Segovia shaped box and tried to lock classical players in that. the point is that it is your guitar, your body, your mind it all belongs to you so realy you can do whatever you want with any of it. My advice is to try everything, keep what you like and disgard the rest.


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I play from the heart. Everything els, the techniques, theory and all, are just the tools I use to realize and translate it from heart to hands eventualy to the listeners ear. Both are very important in my playing and I geuss everyone who has a desire and passion to create music or anything els.