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Welcome to southeast Louisiana. 
I live in Kenner, just west of the city. 


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Part time poster, full time lurker here.
I often log on at work during lunch or breaks.  I don't always have time to post but I like to check in to see what's being discussed. Now back to lurking...

In my dream, I was drowning my sorrows
But my sorrows they'd learned to swim...

U2 - Until the End of the World


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Hi 25Frankster,
What's the volume on your guitar set at?  Try rolling it back to three or four and increase the volume on the amp way up.  This always helps me with sustain and takes a little of the muddiness out.

Thibodaux and Fontineau(x) are both big family names in southern Louisiana cajun country.  I think that's what he's refering to in the song,

"Thibodaux, Fontaineaux, the place is buzzin',
Kinfolk come to see Yvonne by the dozen."

Singing about all the people that are there.


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upyerkilt wrote:

Glad to hear you still have your house edgefan.
And My appologies if I sounded like a thoughtles careless son of a tomato lol Im not really, I just got fed up hearing everything about this hurricane and america instead of other places it had visited.

But, my next question directly to you edgefan.

This area on the planet you live is well known for its hurricanes and tornados, why stay in such a place?
I know it would mean leaving friends, neighbours and even family but surely life comes first? Not just living life as in breathing and good health, but living in harmony without having to evacuate once a year, possibly more.

I think if I lived in such an area I would be moving north.
It might be easy for me to say as the worst weather we get is a few inch of snow or a downpour for an inch or so, the odd flood on the road.

As for these stormchasers. I kinda like this idea. I would love to do it but with someone that is sensible ( if there is ever such a thing as a sensible storm chaser). I love electrical storms and I am sometimes jealous that the best ones are in america.
Also tornados, I really would love to see a real big massive one ( with a very handy banker with storm proof door to jump in when it gets closer.)
But I never underestimate the weather and the force it has, this is what makes it so fascinating. it is pure nature power.


Hi Ken,
No offense taken.  You hit upon an issue that we are grappling with right now.  The only answer that I can give is that New Orleans gets in your blood.  It's more than just a place to live, it's culture and people are like nothing or nobody else that you'll find in the states.  It almost needs to be experienced to know what I'm talking about.  But your question is a valid one.  Right now my wife and I are young enought to physically handle this but we can't imagine being elderly and having to deal with the stress and fatigue of having to do this. 

Good luck with Hanna Guitarpix.  I hope it turns out to be a minimal storm.


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Hi Guys,
I'm from New Orleans, LA.  and for the second time in three years I have evacuated north to Little Rock, Arkansas fleeing from a hurricane.  I'm headed home tomorrow but each time I have to do this its a little harder to go back home.  It's hard to lock your door and not know if your house will be there when you get back, even harder to tell your neighbors and friends good bye and not know if you'll ever see them again.

The news loves the sensationalism of a hurricane.  They focus on New Orleans because it is the most vulnerable city in the states when it comes to these storms.  Katrina was great TV for these idiots (thanks in a large part to the idiocy of some of our residents), it seems that to some Gustov was a dissapointment.  My wife and I watched in disbelief as one news story focused on some storm chaser who was dissapointed because he had come down from Canada to see the hurricane and it was not as strong as they predicted it would be.  This is someone who claims to love nature but in reality has no respect for it.

We hear that damage is slight this time around so we're headed back but the fact remains if the storm had come in as strong as it was predicted to be and had not veered there would probably be nothing to go back to.  Not trying to be melodramatic, just giving you the perspective of someone who has to live with it.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.


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Hi rotoiti,
I have the 30 watt version of this amp.  The amp model that I use for a clear clean sound is the Boutique Clear.  I started with the preset mode and tweaked a little bit from there.  That and a little reverb seemed to do the trick.  Once you have it sounding the way you like you can save it as one of your stored channels.

Also, check out this website it has hundreds of different settings for the Valvetronix series.


Hope this helps,


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If you guys are ever in New Orleans and like zydeco, you have to go to Rock n Bowl:

The best place to hear Zydeco music in the city.  Every Thusday night is Zydeco night and they sometimes have a Zydeco band on a Saturday.  On a recent Thursday night during Jazz Fest they had Buckwheat Zydeco,
C.J. Chenier, Sunpie Barnes, Leon Sam, Li'l Buck Senegal, and Rockin' Dopsie Jr. all on the same night. 

My personal preference is Rockin Dopsie, especially their "Louisiana Music" cd.

http://www.amazon.com/Louisiana-Rockin- … amp;sr=1-1

One night back when the original Dopsie was alive (not jr.) a friend of mine and I took our dates to see the band in a small club in New Orleans.  As the night progressed Dopsie took a shine to our dates and kept buying all of us beers while he chatted them up between sets.  I don't know where he thought the night was headed but he saved us a fortune on alcohol and did us the favor of getting the girls nice and drunk. wink


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Wasn't he the lead singer for Men at Work?

Randy Rhoads.  That guy could play.


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upyerkilt wrote:

no idea what you are talking about,
please enlighten me withyour knowledge.
I think the three of them were great, well not all great musicians but still great people in their own right. Syd was not a musicain at all, just an effigy for a band. But Joe strummer and Curt Cobain in my eyes were superb songwriters.

So what about their shoes?


Hey Ken,
Here's what he's talking about:
http://www.thedailyswarm.com/swarm/kurt … ks-coming/
I love Cobain's music as well.  He does get bashed a lot on Chordie though.  People seem to have a love or hate reaction to him and his music. 


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Yo momma so heavy when she wears high heel shoes she strikes oil.

Yo momma teeth so rotten when she smiles looks like she has a mouth full of dice.

clansman1973 wrote:

Excellent advice, i vowed i wouldnt buy an electric untill July when ill be back from my holiday after which i'll be playing for 6 months or so. But i'll defo buy a LP, weather its EPI or ARIA we will see.

Another question is do i buy a package or buy seperately.

Hi Clansman,
This starter pack was the one I purchased when I started playing 15 months ago.  I don't have thousands of extra dollars for a hobby and the pack was a inexpensive option to test if I would like playing the guitar or not. 

I found that I outgrew the amp rather quickly.  I bought a 30 watt Vox Valvetronix series amp to replace the package one.  You can get this amp or a comprable one for not a lot of money so you may want to skip on the package amp but that's your call. 

I hear about inexpensive guitars giving inexperienced players fits but I must say that the guitar is decent and easy to play but I am currently looking at an upgrade there as well.  Not getting rid of the Epi mind you just looking for another way to drive the wife and dog crazy. big_smile

I hope this helps,


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"No more tomorrow baby.  Time is today.  Girl I can make you feel okay."  - Love Gun by Kiss
Okay?  You can make her feel okay?  What a ringing endorsement of your skill set dude.  Also, from the same song, "You pulled the trigger on my, Love Gun."  How Spinal Tap is that?

I picked up guitar a year ago at the age of 40 and the player pack made economical sense to me at the time.  My wife and I didn't have $1000+ to throw away if this was a passing thing I didn't end up liking so I bought the Epiphone LP Special II pack. 

Now the downside is because I have totally taken to the guitar I want better equipment.  I have already purhased a new amp, an acoustic/electric guitar, and am beginning to look for a new electric.  But I consider my initial $200 money well spent as a sort of test.


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I have used both the ones with the hole in them (Everly Star Picks) and the ones with the emery board like grips (Snarling Dog Brain Picks) and decided that I wanted the best of both worlds.  So what I do now is take a sigle hole punch to a Snarling Dog and I have a pick that gives you a little skin contact and a some grip as well.


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grayfriar wrote:

I have a Dean Performer that I like a lot. Think I paid just over $300 for it.

I got one of these for Christmas.  I love it!  $270.00 at Guitar Center.

The first one I remember getting from somebody else was Elvis Live in Hawaii via Satellite.  I was only 8 or so but I loved my Elvis.  The first one I bought on my own was Kiss Alive II.  I'm not even sure I knew more than two songs from Kiss but I saw the faces on that alblum cover and the fact that they're were free stick on tattooos included and my money was as good as spent.  I was a big Kiss fan for years after that initial purchase.


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Hey Mark,
Try this site:
This is where I learned.
Good Luck,


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acmecorp wrote:

I also have a VOX Valvetronix 30VT.

I have found that a decent lead is required for this amp.
Cheap badly shielded leads always create unwelcome humming noises.



Hey David,
Pardon my ignorance but what is a lead?  I am looking at this amp as a replacement for the starter amp that I am currently learning on.  I don't want to spend money on it however if it has a lot of bugs that will require it spending more time in the shop than in my house.


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"Summer Breeze" by Seals and Croft.  I hated this song before I learned how to play it on the guitar.  Now I play it a lot.  I still can't sing while playing though.  Maybe someday.  If not, the worlds not missing much by not hearing my voice.


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James McCormick wrote:

Hi Edgefan - I spent my formative teenage years in Hammond Louisiana.  At that time it was a small but growing little community.  Was there about a year ago and was astounded to see the changes.

Hammond has now sprawled out so much that Hammond, Ponchatoula, Natalbany, Tickfaw, Robert, and Pumpkin Center are all one big seamless blob.  Also, lots of new residents have moved there from New Orleans since Katrina.

Was glad to see that the Mariner's Inn is still open and still serving cold beer and great burgers.  In fact, the whole downtown area is really lively and thriving.  Hardly recognized large areas of the university campus.

Where are you in New Orleans?

Hammond has gotten really big.  SELU has exploded over the past few years.  It's a good alternative for kids who want to get away for college but can't get into LSU or don't want to go to Baton Rouge.  I grew up and lived in Uptown New Orleans for most of my life and moved to the suburbs a few years ago.  I still work in the city though.


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James McCormick wrote:

Zydeco music is absolutely wonderful!  Where I grew up in Louisiana, some people lovingly called it 'Chanychank Music' because of the distinctive rhythm and sound.

What I like best about Zydeco is that it is infectious dance music.  Even people who are normally too uptight to dance will soon be hopping and bopping to Zydeco - you just can't resist the fun.

YouTube has some great Zydeco stuff . . .

You're right about that.  I'm one of those people normally too uptight to dance but some of the most fun I've ever had has taken place on a Saturday night at Rock n Bowl dancing to Rockin' Dopsie.  What part of Louisiana did you grow up in?


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Old Doll wrote:

I can distinguish Cajun music, and love Cajun food! Why i dont know?

Old Doll.

Hi Old Doll,
Zydeco music (cajun) really does stand out doesn't it?  There's not a lot of music forms using the wash board and accordian these days.  If you love cajun music and cajun food then you should make a trip to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, there is plenty of both there.