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I have really enjoyed using Chordie over the last several years but the new format has me befuddled. The print and.  grid options (side, bottom or no grid} appear to be nonexistent.  Also, where the chords are inserted within a lyric word; the chord appears above as it should, but there is a large gap in the word. These are the only problems I have detected so far but I haven't been able to do much with it. I hate to play the geezer card but at 71 I'm not much of a techno-cat. Hope I have this in the right place.
Thank you. Wayne


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'Tis the price we pay for "stayin' alive, stayin' alive."


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Crazy?, probably not, just frugal:)

If your kitchen sink is too far away from your vented main drain, you may have a venting problem. We try to avoid putting excess grease down any drain. Put it in a disposable container and into the garbage. Your leaking hose valve may  be repaired simply by replacing the bib washer. But due to the severe winter we just experienced, your valve may have damage due to freezing. If so , I would replace it with a 10 or 12 inch frost free valve . which will require you to rework[shorten] your supply line. Gotta punt on . the power window. I would think if it were a fuse, more than one window would not work. Bad motor or broken wire.

Nice job, Bass Viking!!

Nice job B. V.  One of my favorite songs, and we all "miss someone."


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Nice story DE. Maybe you should give a thought to changing your moniker  to Kind Considerate Ed:-) Well done!


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Hi One#7,  Those beginning guitars can be rough on the fingers. As a youngster, I remember putting layers of fast drying glue on my finger tips. It helped and got me by and was easily peeled off. As suggested above, keep at it but maybe back off a little bit.


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Chill Metalizer (whatever that is), I have seen too many of yours. I think it is called dark humor and with the way he plays, I don't think the young man needs anyone to come to his defense, but you accomplished increasing your post count whatever that is worth to you. And it is" whether."


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Hi Fire Art, Good idea to get those rural kids serenading the livestock. They say contented cows give more milk, so go easy with heavy metal. Good luck!!


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That is purdy impressive but I'd like to see him try that right handed.


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Nice to have grandchildren that will perform with you. Some will and some won't. Keep it going fellow Hoosier (born in Rochester).


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With "all the gold in California,"how can there be a shortage of Twinkies? :-)


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Way to go Andy. Who would have guessed that it has been that long for Britain. Cheers!!


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Trolldome (living below the Bridge) is pretty sweet lately. It has been in the low 70s the last few days, but we are   expecting to be in  the dreaded mid to high 80s toward the end of the week. Wish we could store some of that heat  for winter.


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Hi Collin,  I bought my son a FG750 for his 30th birthday about 4 years ago. Of the 5 various brand acoustics that I have access to, it plays and sounds as well as any. I think I paid $350 at GC. Set up properly, it will not tear up your finger tips.

I believe what DC is asking is for the staff notation for the open chords he commonly plays in the keys  of C, D and whatever that last grouping is. I don't have the computer know how to do that but I am sure others do.


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Amy, maybe you are going at that painting project a little too steadily. There will always be painting and other projects to do. Play and "sing in the sunshine" while you can, or at least use the brush in your strummin hand.

Nice to see that the previous coarse language has been omitted. My regard for Chordie's integrity has been renewed.


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mekidsmom wrote:


Anyhow... Zurf if you're heading to Niagra Falls, just make sure you're there for at least one evening.  The falls are impressive, but they are BEAUTIFUL at night!  If you stay on the US side instead of the Canadian side you may find more camping opportunities close enough by to drive over to the falls to see it.  If you get bored, there's a cute little theme park called Fantasy Island that I used to love going to when I was a kid.  It's still very much little kid friendly, although absolutely NOTHING epic (though, I haven't been there since Alex was around 4).  On the other hand, if you're going to Canada anyway, I would make a point to visit Marine Land.  It's something the kids would never forget!  When you're heading back home, do you have any plans to come through NY?  Jeff MIGHT be coming my way sometime in August, not quite sure when your plans are to be in Niagra Falls, but I'm in Central NY on the north shore of Oneida Lake and there's lots of camping nearby.  It would be pretty cool if you and Jeff were both here around the same time.  I'd call in sick to work for a visit with you and the family.  wink  Don't change any major plans for us though of course, just.... if you happen to be coming down the 81 or the I90 anyway, I'm really close off the exits of both.  big_smile  We don't have any major rivers nearby to fish, though there are lots of creeks and of course walleye are plentiful if you feel like taking a float in the lake.

Sorru Mekidsmom, I told my tale of woe in the wrong place. I have had only one adult ed. course in beginning computer. Remembered how to turn it on and not much more. I'll be learning by rote and will get better:-)


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Get one of those "Pick Punches" and make your own, out of old credit cards or what have you. Play around with it and you will come up with something serviceable and will be recycling. The embossed numbers and letters on a credit card provide the grip. Have fun!!


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Hi new guys,
I am 68 and have been auditing and using Chordie for  a couple of years but I am new to posting. I have learned more here, than
I could ever contribute ,and 'chatty' belongs on Facebook. I have been playing "at" the guitar off and on since I was about 13 but have never been a performer. About 3 years ago I started playing with a fellow up the road, a seasoned guitarist, which has helped me to improve and begin to emerge from my shell. We play old rock, country and dance standards.  He is a snow bird and will return when the weather improves.  I commend you both , Russ for entertaining the "seasoned citizens" and you, John, for undertaking the guitar in your 60s. Take care,


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As horrific as this was, it has happened before. "Bath School Disaster" in 1927. Thirty-eight elementary school children and 6 adults  were killed by a deranged bomber. Only one gun was used-in his suicide.


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Another soulless individual, who most likely honed his skill with violent ,video games, got bored then decided to move to real weapons and live, defenseless targets. This has become more prevalent. Too sad for words.


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Had I bribed you with my old Hofner, you still would have come out ahead sad