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i think you mean..TAKAMINE....if so
follow this link......http://www.takamine.com/?fa=detail&mid=1128&sid=351


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beer...cheese..and football(american)....gotta love it...Congrats.


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Cant beleive there's a David Hasseloff song in the Top 100....lol...i know.. he's huge in parts of Europe.. but im in Michigan....


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You can make the desktop "wireless" with a wireless usb adapter....however you still need a network to log on to. It sounds like thats what you have now with the router and a cable modem , i would guess.
hope this helps


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r o c k in the usa - john mellencamp
ramblin gamblin man - bob seger
what i like about you- the romantics
cherry cherry - neil diamond

I lean more to the ones  that aren't overplayed:

Midnight Rider-Allman Bros.

Train, Train- Blackfoot

Southern Man-Neil Young..i know true Southern rockers loathe this song because of the lyrics, which is why i include it.


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gitaardocphil wrote:

I used maybe wrong phrases, but why is PHISH so popular?

Doc ...been contemplating that one  for a while too..

"Battle of New Orleans" by Johnny Horton.
One of those nuggets from my childhood...

gitaardocphil wrote:

Well, monsieur c'est la verite.
But I can't fart like that, they are capable to "suck" air with their anus. And about the clouds I described, it is true too, but try to DO IT . Every living being (don't know about insects) get's air in the stomach. That air has 2 ways to get out: mouth & anus.
So ALL the people who claim that they don't fart, are lying. I have to invent a kind of spray, with a harmless, and "colour giving" product. Let's say it's purple, well because of the air in de stomach, it will leave from behind. So, everybody is farting, and you would see a little purple cloud.
WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND IS THAT BEING A BABY, farting and (is this the right word?) eructation. But suddenly all these things are forbidden. WHY ???
If there is no farting or eructation, you well have serious problems. When you had a surgical intervention, the first thing they ask are about this.

Another point: You believe in Jesus, but when he comes to sit at your table, and you talk with him, well this will result in everything except believing.


find something good on the radio,
trust a politician,
justify the Iraq war

anything on pop radio. Is there a problem with the hearing of today's music buyer? Several of todays artists just plain cannot stay on tune.
Ciara, Rhiannon,Pink,Sheryl Crow...sorry ladies

very niiice...

This may be stretching it a bit BUT...I beleive if you do play from the heart you can play almost anything. The need to know certain "strumming patterns" is trumped by someone who can play from the heart with a little improvision. It's more a matter of how the song "feels" than actual set patterns.


From Mid-Mchigan,U.S....the state that looks like a mitten.


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and...Buddy Rich,John Bonham,Neil Peart,Kenny Jones,Phil Collins,Alex VanHalen,..???..these guys weren't just back up players, they contributed to the overall sound of the bands. And live , they were a large part of the stage show.


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sweet axe

to quote my man Borat-" It's a niice."


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<table border="0" align="center" width="90%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td class="SmallText"><b>bigdjindustriez wrote on Fri, 09 March 2007 20&#58;57</b></td></tr><tr><td class="quote">
<font color="orange">Here are some tips for the beginners out there, from me (a professional) to you.</font>

Wow...a pro at 14... where do I get your CD?


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they may be the "GREATEST STRING EVER MADE", but,sorry, thanks to you, I'll never try em....


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ok i finally got it figured out...you WORK for Elixer...or you get a kick-back.


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hey mr moderator....can we send these two off somewhere by themselves?.....

I've been "playing" for about 20 months, and I'm 47. Good luck, and practice,practice, practice. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_cool.gif" border=0 alt="Cool">

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i'll take any thing from David Gilmore..


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Some "Funk/Rock" bands- Infectious Grooves,Onyx, Biohazard, Suicidal Tendencies, Pragmatic..