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Hard to say from what you describe.

How have you checked that it is in tune? Were you using an electronic tuner?

You may have tuned it, but to an octave below what it is supposed to be - that would still give the correct tuning, but no projection.


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the comments. I have a backlog of recording to do, so decided to jump to the top of the list and record Diamond Light this morning. You can access it on the website link. It's a rough cut with a couple of mistakes and a clipped ending. It's also a bit faster than I would like it - I want to linger on the long notes.

I'm looking at audio interfaces so I can run two channels at the one time and get it down live. I hate doing it a channel at a time - no patience !

Jets, yes I know Baker St - great song - this is more trad Irish. I'd love to hear your version if you ever had time to put it up. It would be interesting to look at the two interpretations of the chords anf lyrics.

Russel, thanks for the kind words - it's a great story. I work across the road from the library, so I'll be checking out when the "diamond" is put on display - maybe get a pic of it.

Daddy and Ark, yes, the flow was assisted by the internal rhymes within some of the lines. I was searching for rhymes in an early version of the song and was struck by the way putting them in the same line made it glide together more.


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I've never heard of a mando being re-tuned as a Uke. It would be interesting to hear what it sounded like. As UYK says, you'd need to swop strings around, particularly the G, although you may be storing up problems as the nut is cut to take different size strings.

UYK, tuning the 4 string banjo to mando tuning is the classic Irish / Celtic tuning. In that tradition Mando is more of a melody than a chordal instrument.


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There is a very old story about the cliffs above Belfast city. It was said that seafarers could guide their way into the port using the light of a diamond that was planted in the cliff face. Turns out that the story is true  (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/8045366.stm ). They have now found the diamond ( it was quartz ) which will be displayed in the city's oldest library.

Some  help with the names etc would be

- Cave Hill - an area of cliffs above Belfast that have ancient caves cut into them. The link has a good pic of them.

- High Street - the old tall ships used to tie up at quays in High Street, now right in the heart of the city.

- Farset - is the name of the river that flowed down High Street - it was famed to stink to high heaven and be the colour of porter (Guinness is a porter). Belfast in Irish is Beal Feirste - the mouth of the Farset. The river is now culverted.

- Bellevue - is the land running down from Cave Hill to the sea.

BTW to play CdimAdd9 just hold Am in first position and remove the finger on the D string

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Spent most of my Mayday getting over Oiche Bealtaine the night before. A night of singing and playing in Johnny Joe's.

Mayday is partly the remnant of Bealtaine, the ancient celtic festival of spring when the cattle would be let out into the fields again ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bealtaine ).

It is also International Workers' Day, commemorating the killing of strikers in Chicago by the police. The US Gov't changed the name to Loyalty Day, because of the Cold War - maybe it's time for Obama to change it back ?


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Hi Ark,

I'm being honest when I say that I struggle with the ambient side of things. I'm going to have to sit down and listen solidly for an hour or two. I had to do the same thing with Be Bop years ago, until i got where they were going. Any suggestions at to where to look for music?

I really like the present. Don't know what you mean about the playing - it's fine.


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Yes, but we can write our dreams - kind of makes the dreams worthwhile.


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Hi Jets,

It's the story of Northern Ireland, I suppose. People on both sides of the conflict here lived close to one another, often being neighbours. Many people would have known both the murdered and the murderer, but were too scared to speak out, often because the killer was a relative. We have huge levels of dependence on anti-depressants. And it looks like it will all be swept under the carpet.


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Hi Phil,

Yes this one is different ! Sort of loons, diamante sunglasses and platform boots different. I like it.


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Hey Daddy,

Great song - great sentiments.

Have you ever heard "A Mother's Love's a Blessing"? It's an old Irish song. This is my favourite version of it - because it is so real.



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Someone your own age dying is always a bell ringing, particularly the first one. The first contemporary I knew who died dropped dead playing tennis. All the friends looked at one another and said without speaking - "How could this happen to one of us?"


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OK, this little song is a mix of two young relatives of mine, both of whom play, but neither of them have red hair!

The Verse starts at "That must be"
The C6Add9 is played very simply

E - 0
A - 0
D - 0
G - 2
B - 1
E - 0

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This is a fairly straightforward song, I'd just mention two chord voicings that I use in preference to the one's given. On E7 - play with open D and B strings, gives it a smokier feel. On Fmaj7, play with an open A string.

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You have to wonder what other languages people on chordie speak other than their native language.

G-Doc, you seem well versed in English - do you have any Walloon ?

I can just about get myself into trouble in French and Spanish - and can ask for a quarter pounder with cheese in German.

Anyone out there speak other languages - Lacota, Maori, Swahili ?


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Enchanting G-Doc

un orchidee n'est rien dans tes mains si fragiles
et tu m'accepte comme je suis, meme avec bequilles

seems particularly poignant.


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I'm worried that I might be on the cusp of geezerhood. Don't really remember playing 78's, but knew people who had them. Also, a lot of the chat to date needs translated to "across-the-pond-ese."

I have a strong memory of GRIT, however  - not because I ever saw it, but from reading comic books. I used to get "Thor" and "Superman" comics. They had adverts in the back - all in dollars. One of them demanded you "Sell GRIT."

There was another ad that seemed to be trying to sell a miniature submarine. Little wonder that we thought kids in the States lived in a different world.

The last time I had a full service tank of petrol was in a tiny rural gas station somewhere around Collingwood on Georgian Bay in Ontario. I spent a very pleasant half an hour chatting about not very much, and there were no other customers the whole of that time.


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OK. Herself cuts my hair. It's not a big job lately, and it's getting progressively smaller. But I got to thinking - what if the little personal things stopped. And this pome popps into the world.

I Just Lost My Barber

Just lost my barber
She walked out the door
She won't be making house calls
Round here anymore.

Yes, I just lost my barber,
My confessor, my friend,
Lost the touch of her hand
On my head,
Lost the smile of an Angel,
With the scissors of a Saint
But it's too late for me
To repent.

She can take all the chattels,
The CD's and the wine
It won't make a difference
You won't hear me whine.

I gave her the pink slip,
Handed back the keys
My pockets are empty,
I'm drained to the lees.

There's no kids to carve up,
No canine's or cats
Nothing to chain us
There'll be no last spat.

It's the touchy-feely, personal
Things that I'll miss,
The hand on my shoulder,
That good morning kiss.

She'd finish my hair,
and crack her best smile,
But I know now
There won't be a next time.


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Picking up on Zurf's comment's about Kentucky's place names being odd. He quotes  "Frog Stomp, Kentucky and Frozen Head State Park."

We have a few interesting names. Try the following

Ahoghill ( pronounced "a (clear-your-throat) hill ") which in Irish means Ford of the Yew Trees.

Culleybackey (pronounced as written) which in Irish means Wood of the Hollow.

We even have the original Eden ( meaning slope in Irish.).

Are there any interesting / strange / wonderful place names near you?


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Great idea Badeye, how's about -

And then there's the lurker,
The "I won't post" shirker.
He stands by the corner
And picks up his guitar
And we watch in amazement
As he wrings out his chops
Proving playin, not writin',
Is where the buck stops.


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Yes, I heard that you have to pay for incoming texts in the US. Seems a ridiculous idea.  Doesn't happen over here, unless you have signed up for those stupid sports or reality TV updates.

My phones do rule my life at times. I have to have the work one on during the working day, although not during meetings - I'm out of the office a lot. I also have access to my email and it links to my calendar in the office, so I use it all the time. With the email access I don't text. Also one week out of every six I'm "on call" which means the phone is beside me 24/7 for a whole week.

My private phone I do use occasionally for texting, but we have free calls to family numbers, so it's rarely used.

As for the kids, they do text, but it's banned in school, at the dinner table and they wouldn't dream of texting when the family is chatting together. It's also an offence here to drive and even touch your phone.


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Great thread, G-Doc.

You may be interested in the fastest field game in the world - Hurling ( see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM-kB1e96CA ). It was first mentioned in the Tain ( an epic Irish poem that dates back before the time of Christ ). It's the sticks in the air that make it dangerous.


I used to play shinty and hockey at school.


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This is my second version of this - I'm still not sure I have the melody right. I need to sit down and do a serious recording session for this and a couple of others. I'll be back .....

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You can't get more "haunting" than "The Parting Glass" ( see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhJp0W0ku2w for a rather Scottish version of it ).

Deadstring, I think you are mixing together Columba ( Columbcille) and Columbanus. Both lived in Ireland around the same time. Columba was exiled for copying a bible and thereby causing a war. It was Columbanus who sent Missionaries out across Europe to St Gall, Bobbio etc from his Monastery in Bangor ( just a few miles down the road from here). So we Irish taught yiz all how to read.


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Earthy feel ....? You been using Phill's keyboard, Russell ?

Great song, Phill. Reminded me of Springsteen's "Outlaw Pete"  -   except your's was better. Just one thing - do I take it you mean a moose, rather than a mouse, or have you moved north of Carlisle ?

I'm thinking of setting up a Benevolent Fund for Country Music Song Characters, what with them getting divorced, run out of town, walking lines, stuck in prison and killed on such a regular basis, they obviously need help !


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Great bouncy, upbeat song there, Russell. I wanna play it, where're the words !