our drummer has electronic drums mixed in with his regular kit.  They sound great when used just sometimes.


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why wouldnt the pirate let his son go to the movies?   It was rated arrrrrrr


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who knows where inspiration comes from?  Sometimes I can sit down with my songwriting partner (I do music and she does the lyrics) and we can come up with a song in a few minutes.  And there have been times when we have tried for hours and cant come up with anything.  Maybe it depends on your mood?  She writes better when shes angry.  lol  But we are on a roll now writing new songs and recording them in our studio.  We hope to have a new cd ready by late summer.


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I thought about writing a book about my life. (Trust me, this fits in with the stupid topic perfectly) But I think I would get arrested or divorced if I told all my stuff.  lol  But I do have many fond memories.....


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Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow did a good song called Picture.  My band plays it.


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Kiss, Aerosmith, but most of all Eddie Van Halen.   wow


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I was like 10 or 11 in a Middle School talent show. I remember the students yelling so loud I could hardly hear whay we was playing.  That was a cool moment.  A week later we played a gong show style talent show and got gonged. lol  But 30 years later Im still tring to avoid the gong!


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one of the best shows on tv.  I love em all.  They just toss so much random off the wall stuff in.  Kinda like my brain does to me.  In fact, I kinda look like Peter.   smile


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hey yall      I live in Brownsville, Tn (near Memphis).  I'm 41, and played guitar for about 30 years.


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hey guys.  I love this site, but when I look for a song I have to click, click, and click some more.   I like the words with the note over them. Thats all.  I dont like all the different style of tabs and stuff.  Its hard to tell what the song will look like untill I click on it and look at it.  I know yall are here lots more than me and may be able to give me some advise.  Thanks.  And some info on my band, Kickin.  We have been doing some great shows and still working in the studio lots.  Click the link and check out our websites.


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I live close to Frog Jump, Tennessee           smile

Dont read this post or Ill sue you!      lol    to late, you will be hearing from my lawyers.


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got songs on myspace now.      http://www.myspace.com/kickin39         smile


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Hey guys.  Ive been really busy and havent said hi in a while.  Working lots during the day.  Gotta pay the bills.  Nights and weekends have been crazy.  Running sound alot.  Not many bands though.  Plays and events like that, but its kinda fun and extra money.  My band, Kickin, has been in the studio too.  Just finished a new cd.  Im gonna get the songs on myspace soon.  We have just got the rights to record "Whole Lotta Love" by Zepplin.  We do a cool version.  Hopefully it will be ready for release by the end of the year.  I'll let yall know when our original songs are on myspace.  We have a video on there now.  Id love your comments on them.    check us out at "myspace.com/kickin39"     or   "Kickin.ws"

First concert?   Kiss 1977   the same year I went to Aerosmith, Van Halen, and ZZ Top.  I still have the ticket stubs  $7.50.   all in Memphis, TN

Smoke On The Water       smile

gitaardocphil wrote:

When you are young, you dream to be older.
When you are old, you dream to be younger.
We all have to face this.
But I repeat, you have ONE strong point: they like you playing on guitar: USE THIS SKILL


I dont want to be younger.  I love getting older and hope to continue for many many years to come!  I hope Im even getting a little wiser.  Maybe?   lol

I dont want to be famous.  Rich, yes, famous, no.   lol   Our singer just got picked up by a big producer.  Her dream is the big time.  I wish her luck and will miss her, but I have family, good job, etc.  Sometimes we play weekend shows and stay gone a day or two.  Im ready to go home after that.  No 6 months or more on the road for me.


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Being outside has a big effect on your strings, especially in a humid area.  The last two weeks Ive done outdoor shows and broke three strings.  I hardly ever break strings. It was very humid and damp all night.  Plus my guitar kept getting out of tune.  The moisture is also hard on the electronic equipment.  My foot pedal is all dirty now.  Im sure the insides are geting dirty too.  But I guess thats normal wear and tear of being a musician.  But it is so cool to play outdoors under the stars.  Two weeks ago we was outside and a HUGE shooting star went right over us.  Now that was a cool light show!  lol


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Nancy Wilson is one of my all time favs


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Heres another kinda funny story thats gonna be in my book.   lol   This was about 20 or so years ago.  Dang, Im old.  lol  Anyway, it was the middle of winter.  I used to have this old truck and the breaks would freeze up on it when it was very cold.  I would have to let the truck run for a while to thaw it out, then I could drive it.  OK, its after the show, I go out to my truck and start it up.  Windows all frosted over and such.  Im like brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  lol   But it was a good show.  Lots of people, and I may or may not have had a buzz, so I didnt mind the cold. hehe  Anyway, our drummer jumps in very fast and says," GO!  NOW!"   I said, "I cant, trucks gotta warm up first".  He said, "I was hitting on some girl and her boyfriend is after me! GO NOW!".  I said "I cant!".  I was laughing, he was not.   lol  But luckly, the windows were so frosted over, the boyfriend couldnt find our drummer, so he was ok, but I will never forget the look on his face!


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  I may be a little "over grown and out dated", but dont chop my weeds yet:  I still bloom on occasion!     lol


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My wife gets a little jelous too of practicing once or twice a week, taking most of the day Saturday to set up the PA, playing late Sat nights, and sometimes half of Sunday taking the PA down.  Its a lot of work for not enough money.  But I love it.  Ive been playing since I was about 10 years old.  Im 41 now.  Im not gonna stop.  And she doesent like the bar scene, so she doesent come with me.  But I try to make time for her the other nights, and the band will take a weekend off every so often so we can be with families.  Anyway, life is always interesting.  Do what you love doing.


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I run sound and roadie for bands on weekends Im not playing.  Ive worked with many big names.  But very seldom do you get to hang out with the artist.  Usually its unload trucks in the morning, then hang out board backstage, trying to find free food, untill the show is over and load everything out after everyone else is gone. Some big names Ive worked with = Molly Hatchet, Bare Naked Ladies, Cowboy Mouth, Willie Nelson, The Platters, the Maze.  Once my band played a show with Blue Oyster Cult.  We was suppose to go on first, of course, but it was outside and 30 degrees.  Freezing cold.  Still about 3000 people were there.  They didnt want to play late in the cold (they are older than me, and Im old!) so we went on after them.  That was cool.


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lol      I was really just kidding.  Music is very mathmatical.  You can study it for years and learn more and more.  I really do admire the folks who know all the theory and every lead scale and all that stuff.  Its just not for me.  But I do think I play better after a few drinks and stuff.  In fact, we tell our audience to "drink more beer" every song or two.  The bar owners like it, and the crowd does respond better the more they drink.  Maybe theres a mathmatical theory about the level of intoxication and its effect on enjoying music?  lol   Ok, thats as smart as I get.  Now Im gonna go watch Sponge Bob on TV.   lol