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Tare them up. The more callous the better and longer you can play. I could probably dip the tips of my fingers in Acid and still play Greensleeves classical. Peace ,  3CF


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Here is a useful link. Look deeper into this here and you will find a chart there.
Here is the link to the chart: http://www.cyberfret.com/misc-wisdom/capo/page5.php

You see if you play a G chord and capo on the second fret it now becomes an A chord, Scale : A B C D E F G...if you place the capo on the second fret you move up a whole octive see after G comes A .  Becauses it still sounds like a A chord you are able to play the song in a more Familiar chords or you might have a singer who only sings a certin octive. 3CF


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http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Glues,_adhe … _Glue.html

Check out Stewmac link above not too expencive. 3CF


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Yea the only string lifting I do is out of the box i bought them in...Peace....3CF


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String lifting, to get a nice secure bend in the wire at the agraffe or capo bar.  This will increase power and sustain, due to the reduction of loss through the termination point.
  Point two is level, getting the strings on an even plane to maximize power.
and has a big effect on how the dampers work.
  Point three, Hammer fitting, again effecting power and phasing. (false beats)

All three points interact with each other.  Pianotech (USA) sells a string leveling and lifting tool, that has a roller that will lift and level the string at the same time. Takes about 10 Min's to do a complete piano.  I'll send Ron a photo so he can in-bed it in the post.

Once level and lifting is achieved, with no damper problems, then file the hammers to fit to the strings.

Just about all grands can benefit from this every few years, on the prairies.
Depends on how radical the humidity conditions.
********I found this on this site I think it is for Pianos????******

http://websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/cap … id=2213290


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Hi looks good. 3CF


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Try logging off and bringing up a new browser and type in Chordie's web www.chordie.com  __do not click on any saved links or allow the address to prefill in the address window while you are typing. This should allow you to redirect to the website and sign up yourself and create your own user ID and Password. After you get signed up yourself then save the link in your favorites. 3CF


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Did you add Chordie to your pop up blocker list? You might have a pop up blocker on....just close out your browser and bring up a new browser then type in the web address and go to your pop up blocker (normaly in tools) and type in the chordie web address there and click on add or allow. Try that, if no luck  check with your ISP and see if there is a issue with the site. peace 3CF


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For the most part I as well only heard and seen these types of modeling guitars used in the studio. I played one a while ago and it was ok with just a turn of the magic dial you got a Taylor, Gibson, whatever…  however, it was NOTHING like the real thing. 3CF


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I second the motion!  3CF


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I agree. It is good to hear how the song is played. Then you will have an understanding of how the song played out. Or if you want to keep it more personal and have your own spin on the song I would not recommend you not listening to the song. This will prevent you from playing it your way. So either way it's up to you. 3CF

I was wondering how to get the most out of this amp. This is a new amp for me and it was a gift. I played it off and on but I am looking to play out more on this amp. There is a texture knob on the back to blend A/B texture control.
Any suggestions?
Thanks 3CF

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ … sku=481442


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My Dad. 3CF


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Keepen it real...3CF


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Sweet thanks....3CF


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http://www.musiciansfriend.com/navigati … 001+304381
Here is a link to a cut capo or try Third hand capo! 3CF


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Mayer has some cool Acoustic peaces. 3CF


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Smooth and Jazzy. 3CF


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I also use very creatively a Cut Capo to get some pretty cool sounds that you cant get in std tuning. That is another story if like to here let me know. Peace…. 3CF


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Here is a link to a capo chart. The chart will allow you to place a capo on a given fret and you can play in any key you like.
Key of C is pretty common for most people to sing in that is Singer friendly. You can even mess around with the positioning of the capo on the guitar neck to get a voicing that might compliment the key you are singing in however, the chords you are playing on the guitar may not exactly be the chords you would play in the key you are singing in i.e.(your playing in the key of D and you place the capo on 7th fret and actually play in G. This will give you a pretty cool effect when you also add a few guitars to the mix. Allows you to build a WALL  of guitars all complimenting each other but playing different chords, dynamics. On the chart, located at the top, it shows the fret you would place the capo on and on the far left hand side of the chart this shows you the chord you will play. You take the top and side and intersect the two Like Battleship, the board game, this will give you the Voicing, of the chord sound you are making. I hope this helps. Good luck.  3CF


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I play not too fast however. Work in progress. 3CF

I play A style Fender mandolin electric/acoustic. Been playing for about 5-6 years odd and on. I am self taught and I play other instruments as well. I play in a band and church team. I don’t have the money for F style. What type of mando do you play? Every time I play mando at church people just love the extra sound it brings to worship. 3CF

I use medium Elixirs. 3CF


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Has anyone heard of Parkwood and if so, how do you like the sound? I played one at guitar center and it sounded close to a Taylor. 3CF


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I always purchase Elixir mediums for the acoustic and for electric Ernie Ball.
The Elixir strings last twice as long and range from 10-15 greenbacks. 3CF