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I have been asked to perform this beast! So it's going to take over my life for the next few weeks smile



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You made the "breaking my g-string" joke.

Goodness me.

I'm sure I can help out with that! As boring as scales are made out to be, they're really interesting and useful to know about. We can work on strumming/chord voices/changes as well. I'll send you a PM.

Just to add, the lessons are likely to be about 45 minutes.

EDIT: um... how do I send PMs?

My main guitar doesn't have any dots on the fretboard or on the side of it. It's fussy I know, but I find them ugly. I have a tiny dot of blu tack at the 7th fret, then I always know where everything is.

You could make a big grid, similar to a chord diagram, with each note (by letter name) written on it. Look for patterns to learn notes faster. Try to find patterns and learn where the same notes are on different strings, e.g. e string fret 1, B string 6 and G string 10 are all the same F.

Have fun!


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Andres Segovia, the maestro
Ana Vidovic
Narciso Yepes
Julian Bream

Chris Smither
Bob Log III
Rodrigo Y Gabriela
Andy McKee
James Hetfield
Martin Taylor
Roy Zimmerman (no, not the other Zimmerman)
Newton Faulkner
Eric Roche
Mason Williams
Tommy Emmanuel

I have also been listening to the great composer and diverse player Al Di Meola recently. There was a great quote of his in Total Guitar magazine: "Shredding is a bull**** term for not saying anything"

Good afternoon!

I've been teaching guitar for around a year now and it's a constant struggle to find/keep students. So to get me some experience and hopefully help people on this forum, of which I'm a regular lurker, you can have some lessons via Skype (unless you happen to live in Cambridgeshire, then you can have proper ones!). I've done some Skype lessons before, they're fun and work well.

Classical guitar is the speciality. If you're able to mark your ability with a grade, I'd be happy teaching up to grade 5 level. I shan't go any further until I've got my diploma - wouldn't want to give bad advice. If classical guitar isn't in your interests, we can try a lesson anyway (you're not losing any money anyway), I teach people into a lot of different styles. Music theory is also a love of mine, so there are lessons available in that too!

Leave a reply if you're interested and I'll PM you my Skype address.


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As an ex-christian who often played guitar in a small worship band, I can tell you that they're pretty much ALL easy.

Thanks for the kind words!

Nobody will ever compare to Bach. I'd gladly be the next Segovia, though! lol


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I loved it Wayne! Gave you the thumbs up on YouTube The space you're in has a great acoustics. Sweet guitar work. I accompanied someone for this once - it was the jazzy version with lots of monstrous chords. Yours is much more pleasant.

May I make a suggestion? Mess around with where your right hand is for some parts, especially for something like that where you're fingerpicking rather than strumming. For most of a song it should be just right of the sound-hole. If you want a wider, sort of bassier, sweet sound, play near the neck. If you want a thinner, tighter, maybe more aggressive sound play near the bridge. This is what classical string players call tasto and ponticello. smile


I've always had an interest in arranging a piece of music for a different style/different timbres... And I've uploaded a couple of projects that I've made on Logic Pro!

The first is a very short, allegro piece for all you gamers - it's the introduction to Pokemon Yellow arranged for string quartet. I'm working on some other themes from these games at the moment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq8EpG4tQUY

The second is for full orchestra! In Music Technology AS, I had to sequence the song Colourless Colour by La Roux. Not fun. But now that it's finished I thought I should have some fun with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41Dq8csNQys

If there's one thing I know I can do well it's writing for guitar so I'll put up some guitar arrangements up soon, as well as original compositions (I'll upload my Music AS composition soon).

I'd love your suggestions! Let me know of a song or piece of music otherwise and what instrument set-up you think would work.

Have a lovely day smile



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Oh, do you want to learn how to play barre chords well? I can give you some tips if so.


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Good shout. Such a versatile guitar player.

Many people see the guitar as an instrument only for boring chordal accompaniment, or screaming lead guitar solos. Atkins is one of the many people that show otherwise.


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I'll check the album out. It's hard to hear what the tuning is as the guitar really isn't in the foreground. Standard will work though.

By the way, I think the B diminished 7th sounds good played like this:
E A D G B e
x 2 3  2 3 x

You could barre that, but I prefer to use all four fingers, one for each note.

Hope you stick around Chordie, it seems nice here.


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Hey, what song is it? I can't get the video in the link to work. I'll look it up elsewhere if you let me know the name smile

For some reason my post was deleted.

The chord is an F or F5 but it's only the higher strings. By higher I mean pitch, not location.

They've got some kind of distortion on there and like Detman said, they're just muting the strings with the left hand for the un-pitched sound. I'll edit this when I figure out the kind of distortion.


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Yeah, links don't work but I managed to fix the first one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgyYb8O1P84

Stays on a C until 0:30
D minor, F major 7

C again. B diminished 7th at 0:41
F, Bdim7, C

This song is pretty much strophic so this idea is repeated for all the verses (I think) including the harmonica breaks. There's a lot of hanging around on the C major chord! It's most likely in an alternate tuning. I think he has the thick E string tuned down to a C, but not that's not a necessity.

I enjoyed this song. Hope you pick it up.


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Looks very useful for the beginner and expert!

Shame it doesn't have the Tristan chord as an option lol


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Half the World Away, or a few other Oasis songs.
Fast Cars by Tracy Chapman
How to Save a Life or anything by The Fray. They're not very good but you could make the tunes more pleasant easily.
You've Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman sounds good slowed down, and it has quite a lot of chords but can be simplified.
Space Oddity
Try some Simon & Garfunkel stuff, too.

The noise you're hearing is just strumming with the left hand muting the strings. There's distortion applied - I can't remember what type so I'll try to find out. The actual pitched chord is an F major, but only the higher strings (higher in pitch, not location).

Woo! Me and a friend had a Star Wars marathon recently - all six. Took about 13 hours.

Unfortunately I can't celebrate properly as I'm singing Child of Our Time at Ely Cathedral - awful timing. Maybe I'll dress up as a Stormtrooper.


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Strange. I didn't know they took the Bins out on a Sunday.


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I prefer instrumental music, and lyrics aren't terribly important in that I guess lol Nirvana are one of my favourite bands and like many others, their lyrics are largely nonsensical. Maybe I'm just not deep enough.

However my favourite song (not my favourite piece of music altogether), is You've got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman, and the lyrics in that are very significant. One of my favourite singer-songwriters is Roy Zimmerman, who does mostly political satire. Obviously the lyrics are the important thing in his music. He just has the best metaphors and most creative rhymes ever.

Interesting topic and you don't need to apologise for these watery ideas smile


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dolver wrote:

Just curious - if I changed it to the key of C and then the key of G, what would the first D major become and then the final A at the end of the song?

D major would become B flat major. The A would be F major. Let us know how you get on!


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steelstrings wrote:

Em7/A is this:
0 0  0  0  0 0
Hope this helps!

Ha! So it is.

Here's a cool version:

There seems to be a bit of taboo here about going past the third fret. Sorry if I've offended smile


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On this very forum there is a poetry section! If you like writing down lines without thinking about melody, chords or rhythm too much then you could get some ideas for lyrics and post them there, then develop them.

Do have a topic or topics in mind? Or style?