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For all my friends here who are not on Facebook,

I wish you a Happy celebratory 4th July.


The Emerald isle says " SLAINTE" [ CHEERS ]

Old Doll.


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Its a great piece Jets.

But then your writings always have been..

I hope alls well in your world sir.

Old Doll.


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Hi Jody,

Well you know i like your writings as theres always a good story in there.
This piece has all the Jody markings.

Good stuff sir..

Ill chech the tube to see if it recorded..

Old Doll.


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Ahhh, Daddycool,

I know i know. Its the hardest grief losing parents and loved ones. I spoke to my younger brother in Cork last week. He barely remembers our Da. Our dad died so young... I felt sad for him as i have so many many memories being the oldest girl.. I rooted out old photos of my brother fishing with our Da on holidays before he [ Da ] passed to send him.. They may just trigger some memories.

Lovely heartfelt piece Daddy.

Stay cool.

Old Doll.


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Hello Chris,

Your wee song is great.  A good catchy chorus is always a winner with me..I was singing it
before it ended.

Very well done..

Old Doll.


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Its excellent young lady... 1st song ! Very well done indeed.. Your a Citóg also [ lefthanded ]

There has to be more where that song came from !

Old Doll.


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Nothing new here or old to listen to !

I hope your well and healthy Bensonp. Heres a wee song for you and your love.

Lovely day here on the Emerald Isle. I had a full week of beautiful snshine last week in Ballycotton County Cork.

You know Benson i think  i was made for a life of sunshine  lol



Old Doll.


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Women take note !

If it has tyres or testicles your gonna have trouble with it. big_smile  big_smile  big_smile big_smile big_smile  big_smile


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Hello Ray,

I was just having a quick gander here before retiring.

This is a dark piece, but so well written . I love dogs, but i could imagine a fearsome dark beast  while reading this.
Unfriendly yes, snapping at your heals yes, dragging you down to every dark stagnant pool he can muster  to drown the life from you.. Yes, i knew this dog at times in my own life. Its well muzzled now but his fear remains  away in the shadows somewhere.

Start Journaling every day, first thing in the morning if you can.. Theres not a better way to start the day clearing mind clutter. It doesnt have to be pages, just one page is ofton enough.
You may be surprised at how well it keeps the dog at bay.

Its an excellent piece,worth its merit on a new thread.

I wish you joy with peace of mind in abundance.

Oiche Mhait" [Goodnight }

Old Doll.

I agree with dfoskey,

Im also amazed at the strength of this man to endure all he has..

I will do as i do for all my friends, add his name to my prayer candle.

Thine will be done not mine.

Love hugs and continued strength to your Cara { friend] Zurf.

Old Doll.


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Failte myboon,

Welcome to chordie. I've read this piece.. may i suggest you re read it lots of times.. It has the makings of a good piece
but is somewhat disjointed. A little more time spent moulding your thoughts more about it will make it shine.

Have a happy day.

Old Doll.

There's nothing like the love for another , young  or old to inspire us.
Thank you for penning the moment to share with us .

Its a sincere heartfelt musical piece.

Old Doll

Frequent Flyer wrote:

With all due respect to all the other wonderful poets on Chordie, it's no wonder why I zero in your entries. Another splendid write, Old Doll.  May I?!

The woman and child sing in rhyme; with disregard for the sands of time
One smiles the other laughs, one touches the other feels, one peers the other sees
No need to search far to find the person we truly are
Don’t judge the bark of this aging tree; look inside to find the real me

Thank you all again for the comments..

FF, i wish i could pen like your piece..  It speaks volumes. I really love it!

Thank you and a big hug to you also.

Old Doll


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Thank You" me ould segosha,

I love Glen, this was my fave of his.. Holds a million memories of a local cafe shop with a big ole jukebox.

Awwww, life was sooooooo good back then.



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Practice !

Hats off to Lynne Kelley { coach }


Old Doll.


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I love this oldie.

Pied Piper.


Old Doll.


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Ahahahahhhahahaha, Wonderful !

Love the way he improvises  lyrics with mouthing melody..

Old Doll.

Thank You"

Your all so kind to take the time to read my pieces.

Blessings in abundance to you all.

Old Doll.


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Excellent Ray,

I to could relate to this piece. many years ago i found myself in the same situation.. It was such a shock to discover.

In my case it wasn't my doing.. I wonder where peoples "Cop on" disappear to with credit cards. Its invisible money your spending, but still your money with astronomical interest.. Credit cards make it to easy to purchase stuff people  don't need.
Deal  only with hard cash" is my motto, Its one way of knowing what money you have or haven't.
In saying that ! I do use them to book holidays , or bigger items more for security reasons.. Its always  paid within the stated times, with no huge interest. I'm sure I'm not there favorite customer.

T'is  a strong well written understandable piece of work, which most people will relate to..

Well done.

Old Doll.


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Hello Phill

I love this song.. Its so romantic. It would make a great first dance song also.
How special to have a song especially for them. You need to give it to them pronto. They'd be delighted to
use it i'm sure.

Its a lovely recording also sir.

Well done as always.

Old Doll.


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Wow !

Excellent ! ya wee dark horse.

Old Doll.


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Indeed Strans.

We were shown how to make the Brigids cross as kids. I have one above my hall door my nephew made for me.

There used  here as a symbol to  to ward off off sickness and ill health.

Old Doll


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I can understand why your upset. Your a long time posting here here on chordie.. I feel you put this piece in chat   to provoke  discussion about Abby Sunderland ?, the young American lady in question, whom i gather inspired the piece  of writing ?.. Your intention unfortuately has been misunderstood it appears.
Sometimes life causes more gigantic waves on land then at sea. I also know how life and events { especially with young people like "Abby Sunderland and Australia's Jessica Watson } inspire you to write about them..

I dont have any nautical experience to engage discussion here. [ Other then a rowing boat we had for years , used when taking my lads fishing . i'm sea sick as soon as i board any vessel on water.]
I do know there amazingly brave young people to undertake such a challange.

Marcalan,  Rest assured, Your post in chat may have been misunderstood. But your sincerity  when writing about life as you see it, leaves no doubt to any intelligent mind.

Love and hugs across the oceans to you.

Cairdeas .

Old Doll.


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This is wonderful i think.

Swing low sweet chariot.



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Hahahahah Bensonp ! what are ya ? Your a wee darlin thats what you are..

Thanks, A  big ole hug and smackerooney on the cheek for you.

{ Oh i hope your Mrs is not behind you } lol  Clatter Clatter !.

Old Doll.