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R.E.M. (20 songs)

R.E.M. (none)

R.E.M. (2 songs)

Raab, Stefan (1 song)

Paco Rabanne (none)

Rabbi Shergill (none)

Rabbitt, Eddie (8 songs)

Trevor Rabin (none)

Race War (none)

Racer X (none)

Racetrack (none)

Rachmaninof (none)

Racing Cars (none)

The Raconteurs (none)

Racoon (none)

Ruben Rada (none)

Radar Bros (none)

Radford (1 song)

Radiants (none)

Radical Face (none)

Radin, Joshua (1 song)

Radio 4 (none)

Radio Birdman (none)

Radio Futura (none)

Radio Macau (none)

Radio Moscow (none)

Radio Racer (none)

Radioaktiva Raker (none)

Radiohead (3 songs)

Radios (none)

Radish (none)

Radja (none)

Radwimps (none)

Corinne Bailey Rae (none)

Raein (none)

Raeth (1 song)

Aj Rafael (none)

Rafferty, Gerry (1 song)

Raffi (none)

Jody Raffoul (none)

Raga Rockers (none)

Ragan, Chuck (4 songs)

Ragazzi (none)

Ragdog (none)

Rage (none)

Rage Against The Machine (none)

Raging Speedhorn (none)

Ragnarok (none)

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (none)

Ar Rahman (none)

Rai Thistlewayte (none)

Fred Rai (none)

Raiders (none)

Paul Revere And The Raiders (none)

Railhed (none)

Railroad Earth (none)

Raimundos (none)

Rain (none)

Carolina Rain (none)

Rainbirds (1 song)

Rainbow (2 songs)

Rainbow Butt Monkeys (none)

Rainwater, Marvin (1 song)

Timo Raisanen (none)

Raised Fist (none)

Raissa (none)

Raitt, Bonnie (4 songs)

Rak (1 song)

The Rakes (none)

Rally Car (none)

John Ralston (none)

Ram Jam (none)

Rama (none)

Zi Ramalho (none)

Ramallah (none)

Ramar (none)

Eros Ramazzotti (none)

Rambler (none)

Ramesses (none)

Ramli Sarip (none)

Rammstein (none)

Ramona Cordova (none)

Ramone, Dee Dee (2 songs)

Ramone, Joey (1 song)

Ramones, The (7 songs)

Ruben Ramos (none)

Willis Alan Ramsey (none)

Ranch Romance (none)

Ranch, The (2 songs)

Rancid (11 songs)

Randall, Jon (3 songs)

Randies, The (1 song)

Random Dysfunction (none)

Random Hero (none)

Randy (none)

Randy Rogers Band (1 song)


Rankin Family (2 songs)

Rankin, Jimmy (2 songs)

Kenny Rankin (none)

Rantanplan (none)

Raped Teenagers (none)

Raphael (none)

Joe Raposo (none)

Rappa (none)

Rapsoul (none)

Rapture (none)

Rapture Ruckus (none)

Raq (none)

Rare Earth (none)

Rascal Flatts (2 songs)

Dizzee Rascal (none)

Rascals (none)

Rashit (none)

Gene Raskin (none)

Rasmus (3 songs)

Raspberries (none)

Raspberry Jam (none)

Rasputina (none)

Rasta Knast (2 songs)

Rasta Smiley Dudes (none)

Rata Blanca (none)

Ratatat (none)

Ratcat (none)

Ratdog (1 song)

Ratones Paranoicos (none)

Ratos De Porao (none)

Mata Ratos (none)

Ratt (none)

Tsopana Rave (none)

Raven (none)

Raven Black Night (none)

Cydne Raven (none)

Raven, Eddie (5 songs)

Raventhrone (none)

Raveonettes (1 song)

Lou Rawls (none)

Ray Collins Hot Club (1 song)

Ray, Amy (1 song)

Brian Ray (none)

Jimmy Ray (none)

Collin Raye (none)

Raye, Collin (2 songs)

Raymond Och Maria (none)

Razor (none)

Razorback (none)

Razorlight (4 songs)

Cielo Razzo (none)

Rbd (none)

Re (1 song)

Rea, Chris (1 song)

Reachground (none)

Readymade (none)

Reagan Youth (none)

Real Kids (none)

Real Life (none)

Real Mckenzies (2 songs)

Real Thing (1 song)

Reality (none)

Reality Check (none)

Reamonn (none)

Reams, Josh (2 songs)

Reap (none)

Grim Reaper (none)

Reason To Ignite (none)

Jay Reatard (none)

Rebekah (none)

Rebel Meets Rebel (none)

Rebel Rousers (none)

Rebel Son (none)

Rebel, Johnny (2 songs)

Rebels Cross (none)

Rebelution (none)

The Receiving End Of Sirens (none)

Reckless Kelly (7 songs)

Recorded (none)

Records (none)

Recover (none)

Red (none)

The Red Chord (none)

Red Day (2 songs)

The Red Elvises (none)

Red Goodbye (none)

Red Grammer (none)

Red Guitar (none)

Red Hot Chili Peppers, The (1 song)

Red Hot Valentines (none)

Red House Painters (none)

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The (1 song)

Red Krayola (none)

Red Label (none)

Red Letter Day (none)

Red Light Ambition (none)

Red Light Riot (none)

Red Lipstick Letter (none)

Red October (none)

The Red Paintings (none)

Red Rider (none)

Red Riders (none)

Red River (none)

The Red Sun Band (none)

Red Tape (1 song)

Red Warszawa (1 song)

Red White And Blue (none)

Redbone (none)

Leon Redbone (none)

Redd Kross (none)

Redd Volkaert (none)

Redding, Otis (2 songs)

Helen Reddy (none)

Redeeming Souls (none)

Lynn Redgrave (none)

Redgum (1 song)

Redman (none)

Redman, Matt (1 song)

Rodney Redman (none)

Rednex (none)

Redondos (none)

Redroots (none)

Redscape (none)

Redwalls, The (2 songs)

Reed, Jerry (2 songs)

Jimmy Reed (none)

Reed, Lou (6 songs)

Preston Reed (none)

Reef (none)

Reel Big Fish (2 songs)

Reese, Travis Barret (2 songs)

Reeves, Del (1 song)

Dianne Reeves (none)

Reeves, Jason (1 song)

Reeves, Jim (16 songs)

Julie Reeves (none)

Martha Reeves (none)

Reficul (none)

Refreshments (3 songs)

Refused (none)

Reg Reagan (none)

Fionn Regan (none)

Kat Regester (none)

Reggae Spoons (none)

Reggie And The Full Effect (none)

Regina Spektor (1 song)

Sheryn Regis (none)

Tobias Regner (none)

Regurgitate (none)

Regurgitator (none)

Rehab (1 song)

Rehasher (1 song)

Sagi Rei (none)

Reichel, Achim (4 songs)

Colin Reid (none)

Johnny Reid (none)

Mike Reid (none)

Terry Reid (none)

Reigani (none)

Reigate Pilgrim Band (none)

Reik (none)

Ginny Reilly (none)

Ike Reilly (none)

Paddy Reilly (none)

Tommy Reilly (none)

Reindeer Section (2 songs)

Django Reinhardt (none)

Django Reinhardt (none)

Nando Reis (none)

Rio Reiser (none)

Relative Ash (none)

Relic (none)

Relient, K. (1 song)

Reluctant Prophets (none)

Remains (none)

Rembrandts, The (1 song)

Rembrants (none)

Remedy Drive (none)

Remember Maine (none)

Remembering Never (none)

Reminition (none)

Remioromen (none)

Remnant (none)

Remove The Veil (none)

The Remus Lupins (none)

Remy Zero (none)

Ren (none)

Renaissance (none)

Renaud (3 songs)

John Renbourn (none)

Rencilla (none)

Rene, Gina (1 song)

Renee Renee (none)

Renft (2 songs)

Francesco Renga (none)

Tony Renis (none)

Rent (none)

Rentals (2 songs)

Renzo Arbore (2 songs)

Reo Speedwagon (1 song)

Repeat Offender (none)

Replacements (2 songs)

Replicant (none)

Luis Represas (none)

Republic (1 song)

Republic Of Loose (none)

Republica (none)

Republik (none)

Reset (none)

Resident Hero (none)

Residente Calle 13 (none)

Resilience (none)

Restless Heart (none)

Resurrection Band (none)

Return (1 song)

The Returnables (none)

Reuben (none)

Reubens Accomplice (none)

Rev Theory (none)

Reveille (none)

Revel 68 (none)

Revelation Theory (none)

Graeme Revell (none)

Reverb (none)

Reverend And The Makers (none)

Reverend Bizarre (none)

Reverend Glasseye (none)

Reverend Horton Heat (none)

Willie Revillame (none)

Revis (none)

Revolting Cocks (none)

Revolution Mother (none)

Revolution Smile (none)

Revolutionary Hydra (none)

Revolverheld (1 song)

Revs (none)

Frank Reyes (none)

Reyli (none)

Reynolds, Billy Ray (1 song)

Hamilton Joe Frank And Reynolds (none)

Reynolds, Malvina (2 songs)

Sam Reynolds (none)

Tim Reynolds (none)

Rezurex (none)

Rgovula (none)

Rhapsody (none)

Rhapsody Of Fire (none)

Rhen (none)

Rheostatics (none)

Rhesus (none)

Rhetoric (none)

James Rhoads (none)

Randy Rhoads (none)

Emitt Rhodes (none)

Kimmie Rhodes (none)

Rhodes, Sonny (1 song)

James Rhodri (none)

Rhubarb (none)

Rhyder, Brandon (4 songs)

Rhymefest (none)

Rhythm Train (none)

Rhythmic Noise (none)

Rialto (none)

Ric Segreto (none)

Chris Rice (none)

Rice, Damien (1 song)

Rice, Johnathan (1 song)

Rice, Jonathan (1 song)

Larry Rice (none)

Rice, Tony (1 song)

Rich Price (none)

Rich Tony Project (none)

Rich, Charlie (1 song)

Rich, John (1 song)

Richard, Cliff (7 songs)

Richard, Cliff (1 song)

Richard, Little (2 songs)

Chris Richards (none)

Richards, Keith (3 songs)

Richey, Kim (1 song)

Richie Ren (none)

Richie, Lionel (1 song)

Adam Richman (none)

Jonathan Richman (none)

Jonathan Richman (none)

Richmond Sluts (none)

Ricky Skaggs & James Taylor (none)

Ricochet (1 song)

Ricochets (none)

Ridan (none)

Jeremy Riddle (none)

Jessica Riddle (none)

Riddlin Kids (none)

Ride (1 song)

Riders In The Sky (none)

Rides Again (none)

Stan Ridgway (none)

Rifles, The (1 song)

Right Away Great Captain (1 song)

Right Lane Vacant (none)

Right Said Fred (none)

Righteous Brothers (none)

Righteous Jams (none)

Rihanna (none)

Riki Sorsa (none)

Riley, Jeannie C (1 song)

Pete Riley (none)

Rimes, LeAnn (5 songs)

Hindu Ringo (none)

Shiina Ringo (none)

Ringside (none)

Ringworm (none)

Rini Idol (none)

Rio (none)

Rio Grande (none)

Jerry Riopelle (none)

Gabriel Rios (none)

Miguel Rios (none)

Riot (none)

Riot Act (1 song)

The Riot Before (none)

Ripchord (1 song)

Ripkord (none)

Ripping Corpse (none)

Rippingtons (none)

Ripsipiirakka (none)

Riptides (none)

Rise Against (none)

Rise And Shine (none)

Rise Over Run (none)

Rising Mercury (none)

Rising Phoenix (none)

Riskay (none)

Rita Guerra (none)

Ritchie, Jean (2 songs)

Lionel Ritchie (none)

Rites Of Spring (none)

Ritfolk (none)

Ritmo Tribale (none)

Ritter, Josh (10 songs)

Ritter, Tex (1 song)

Rival Schools (none)

Michel Rivard (none)

River City High (none)

River City Rebels (none)

River Detectives (none)

Ariel Rivera (none)

Robbie Rivera (none)

Riverboat Gamblers (none)

Riverdales (4 songs)

Rivermaya (3 songs)

Rivers Cuomo (1 song)

Rivers, Johnny (3 songs)

Riverside (none)

Riverspoons (none)

Riverwater (none)

Rivieras (none)

Rizal Underground (none)

Rj Helton (none)

Rjd2 (1 song)

Rjj (none)

Ro (none)

Roach, Aj (2 songs)

Papa Roach (none)

Roaches (1 song)

Roachford (none)

Road Dogs (none)

Road Hammers, The (1 song)

Road Less Traveled (none)

Road Of Major (none)

Road Sign (none)

Roadkill (none)

Roadrunner United (none)

Roark (none)

Annasophia Robb (none)

Ian Robb (none)

Robbie Seay Band (none)

Robbins, Marty (19 songs)

Roben & Knud (none)

Robert Bradleys Blackwater Suprise (none)

Robert Cray Band (none)

Robert Earl Keen Jr (8 songs)

Robert Plant Alison Krauss (none)

Robert Randolph And The Family Band (none)

Connor Roberts (none)

Roberts, Emma (2 songs)

Roberts, James (1 song)

Roberts, Julie (2 songs)

Kane Roberts (none)

Roberts, Rick (1 song)

Rocky Roberts (none)

Roberts, Sam (3 songs)

Taylor Roberts (none)

Robbie Robertson (none)

Robinella (1 song)

Robinson, Chris (1 song)

Gareth Robinson (none)

Joe Robinson (none)

Robinson, Smokey (1 song)

Robinson, Tom (1 song)

Robison, Bruce (4 songs)

Robison, Charlie (18 songs)

Damien Robitaille (none)

Robotech (none)

Robots In Disguise (1 song)

Robyn (2 songs)

Rocazino (none)

Rocco Deluca And The Burden (none)

Roch Voisine (1 song)

Eric Roche (none)

Rock Goddess (none)

Rock Hard Power Spray (none)

Rock Kills Kid (none)

Rock N Roll Soldiers (none)

The Rock N Roll Worship Circus (none)

Rock Voisine (2 songs)

Rockapella (1 song)

Baia E Rockboys (none)

Rocket From The Crypt (none)

Rocket Science (none)

Rocket Summer (none)

Rocketface (none)

Rockfour (none)

The Rockin Berries (none)

Rocking Horse Winner (none)

Rockstar (none)

Rockstars Lovefist (none)

Rocksteddy (1 song)

Rockwell (none)

Rocky Burnette (1 song)

The Rocky Fortune (none)

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1 song)

Rocky Votolato (2 songs)

Roddy Frame (none)

Roddy Hart (2 songs)

Rodgers, Jimmie (7 songs)

Jimmy Rodgers (none)

Paul Rodgers (none)

Richard Rodgers (none)

Rodox (none)

Rodriguez (none)

Rodriguez, Johnny (2 songs)

Kiko Rodriguez (none)

Raulin Rodriguez (none)

Rodriguez, Silvio (1 song)

Roe, Tommy (1 song)

Pugh Rogefeldt (none)

Alli Rogers (none)

Jacob Rogers (none)

Jimmy Rogers (none)

Rogers, Kenny (7 songs)

Rogers, Roy (2 songs)

Rogers, Stan (3 songs)

Rogers, Tammy (1 song)

Rogerthat (none)

Rogue Traders (none)

Rogue Wave (4 songs)

Rojo (none)

Baryn Rojo (none)

Rokes (none)

Rollerball (none)

Rolling Stones (none)

Rolling Stones, The (73 songs)

Rollins Band (none)

Rollins, Don (1 song)

Sonny Rollins (none)

Roman Candle (none)

Romance (none)

Romano, Christy Carlson (1 song)

Romantic Music (none)

Romantics, The (1 song)

Romeo Void (none)

Max Romeo (none)

Jesus Adrian Romero (none)

Rommel Guevarra (none)

Rompeprop (none)

Ron (none)

Ron Pope (1 song)

Ronettes (3 songs)

Ronin (none)

Dave Van Ronk (none)

Ronnettes (none)

Ronny And The Daytonas (none)

Ronson, Samantha (1 song)

Ronstadt, Linda (3 songs)

Rookie Of The Year (none)

Room Eleven (none)

Rooney (none)

Rooster (none)

Rootlifter (1 song)

Roots (none)

Jah Roots (none)

Roper (none)

Joey Rory (none)

Rosa, Robi Draco (2 songs)

Duarte Rosado (none)

Jericho Rosales (none)

Rose (none)

Rose Funeral (none)

Rose Hill Drive (none)

Rose Royce (none)

Rose Tattoo (none)

Chelle Rose (none)

Rose, Kennedy (1 song)

The Rosebuds (none)

Marianne Rosenberg (none)

Rosenbergs (none)

Rosenstolz (none)

Rosenstrøm, Bjørn (13 songs)

Rosesdead (none)

Rosetta Stone (none)

Rosewood Thieves (none)

Rosie and the Originals (none)

Ross, Diana (1 song)

Don Ross (none)

Ross, Jerry (1 song)

Natalie Ross (none)

Rossa (none)

Gavin Rossdale (none)

Francis Rossi (none)

Rossi, Lukas (2 songs)

Senore Matze Rossi (none)

Rossi, Vasco (4 songs)

Rossington (none)

Gioacchino Rossini (none)

Emmy Rossum (none)

Rot (none)

Nino Rota (none)

Rotersand (none)

Asher Roth (none)

David Lee Roth (none)

Roth, Peter (1 song)

Patti Rothberg (none)

Aaron Rothe (none)

Rotten Apples (none)

Rotting Christ (none)

Rouse, Josh (1 song)

Demis Roussos (none)

Rovers (none)

Row6 (none)

Peter Rowan (none)

Kelly Rowland (none)

Beth Rowley (none)

Dave Rowley (none)

Roxen (1 song)

Roxette (7 songs)

Roxy Blue (none)

Roxy Music (2 songs)

Royal Assassin (none)

Royal Bliss (1 song)

Royal Guardsmen (none)

Royal Hunt (none)

Billy Joe Royal (none)

Kauko Royhka (none)

Royksopp (none)

Josh Royse (none)

Royworld (none)

Rpm (none)

Ru2 (none)

Ru36 (none)

Rubber City Rebels (none)

Rubberslime (none)

Gerd Rube (none)

Rubettes (none)

Paulina Rubio (none)

Ruby Blue (4 songs)

Rubyhorse (none)

Darius Rucker (none)

Ruckus (none)

Rudd, Xavier (1 song)

Rude Buddha (none)

Rudimentary Peni (none)

Rudiments (none)

Kevin Rudolf (none)

Rudy And Blitz (none)

Rudy La Scala (none)

John Rueben (none)

Ruff Ryders (none)

Michael Ruff (none)

Jimmy Ruffin (none)

Rufio (none)

Rugbys (none)

Enrico Ruggeri (none)

William Ruhlmann (none)

Ruin (none)

Dave Ruis (none)

David Ruis (none)

Rule 62 (none)

Ja Rule (none)

Roy Rules (none)

Rumbleseat (none)

The Rumours (none)

Run Dmc (none)

Run Kid Run (none)

Runaway Box (none)

Runaways (none)

Todd Rundgren (none)

Johan Ludvig Runeberg (none)

Runga, Bic (1 song)

Rungran (none)

Runic (none)

Runner Runner (none)

Running Wild (none)

Running With Midgets (none)

Runrig (2 songs)

Ruoska (none)

Rusby, Kate (1 song)

Rush (4 songs)

Rush Brooks (none)

Rush Of Fools (none)

Bobby Rush (none)

Jennifer Rush (none)

John Rush (none)

Rush, Tom (2 songs)

Patrice Rushen (none)

Rushing With Apathy (none)

Rushlow (none)

Rushlow, Tim (2 songs)

Rick Ruskin (none)

Russell, Johnny (1 song)

Leon Russell (none)

Russell, Tom (8 songs)

Russian Circles (none)

Russian Red (none)

Rust (none)

Rusted Root (none)

Rustic Overtones (none)

Rusty (none)

Rusty Zippers (none)

Ruth (2 songs)

Mike Rutherford (none)

Rutles (none)

Ruts (none)

Ruttan Derec (none)

Ruttan, Deric (1 song)

RX Bandits (none)

Ryan And Sharpay (none)

Ryan Shupe And the Rubberband (none)

Ryan, Bianca (1 song)

Ryan, Lee (1 song)

Matthew Ryan (none)

Ross Ryan (none)

Serena Ryder (none)

Rykers (none)

John Wesley Ryles (none)

Rythem (none)

Rza (none)

Rzeznik, Johnny (1 song)

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