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Coheed and Cambria

33 (2 versions)
A Favor House Atlantic (17 versions)
Apollo I: The Writing Writer (2 versions)
Away We Go (2 versions)
Blood Red Summer (9 versions)
Crossing the Frame
Cuts Marked in the March of Men (5 versions)
Dark Side of Me (3 versions)
Delirium Trigger (2 versions)
Devil in Jersey City (2 versions)
Everything Evil (7 versions)
Far (5 versions)
Feathers (6 versions)
Goodnight, Fair Lady (2 versions)
Hearshot Kid Disaster (4 versions)
Here to Mars (2 versions)
Here We Are Juggernaut (3 versions)
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (5 versions)
Iron Fist (6 versions)
Junesong Provision (6 versions)
Justice in Murder
Keeping the Blade (2 versions)
Key Entity Extraction III: Vic the Butcher (2 versions)
Mother May I (2 versions)
Mother Superior (7 versions)
Neverender (6 versions)
No World for Tomorrow (3 versions)
Non Stop (2 versions)
Number City (3 versions)
Once and for All (2 versions)
Once Upon Your Dead Body (2 versions)
Pearl of the Stars (5 versions)
Second Stage Turbine Blade (2 versions)
The Afterman
The Camper Velourium III: Al the Killer (4 versions)
The Crowing (3 versions)
The End Complete II: Radio Bye Bye (3 versions)
The End Complete III: The End Complete (2 versions)
The End Complete IV: The Road and the Damned (10 versions)
The Hard Sell (3 versions)
The Hound (Of Blood and Rank) (3 versions)
The Light & the Glass
Three Evils (Embodied in Love and Shadow) (5 versions)
Time Consumer (5 versions)
Wake Up (15 versions)
Welcome Home (10 versions)
You'll Never Know
Young Love

Coheed and Cambria is an American progressive rock band from Nyack, New York, formed in 1995. The band consists of Claudio Sanchez (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Travis Stever (lead guitar, backing vocals), Josh Eppard (drums, keyboards, backing vocals), and Zach Cooper (bass, backing vocals) The group’s music incorporates aspects of progressive rock, pop, heavy metal, and post-hardcore.

Most of Coheed and Cambria’s albums are concept albums based on a science fiction storyline called The Amory Wars, a series written by Claudio Sanchez, which has been transcribed into a series of comic books as well as a full-length novel. The band has released eight studio albums, three live albums, and several special-edition releases. Their most recent release, The Color Before the Sun, is the band’s first non-conceptual album since their inception. It reached #10 on the Billboard 200. Its predecessors The Afterman: Descension; Year of the Black Rainbow and Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness all reached the top 10 as well.