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T Bone Walker (none)
T Pau (none)
T Rex (13 songs)
Chris T (none)
Jamie T (none)
T.A.T.U. (1 song)
T.S.O.L. (1 song)
Taake (none)
Tab Benoit (none)
Tabithas Secret (1 song)
Tad (none)
Russ Taff (none)
Tafta (1 song)
Tagtraum (none)
Faizal Tahir (none)
Tahiti 80 (none)
Tahsan (1 song)
Seo Taiji (none)
Taint (none)
Tainted Faith (none)
Taio Cruz (none)
Tait (1 song)
Taize (none)
Taj Mahal (1 song)
Take 6 (none)
Take That (none)
Taken (none)
Takida (1 song)
Taking Back Sunday (1 song)
Takka Takka (none)
Jaksi Taksi (none)
Billy Talent (none)
Talib Kweli (none)
Talisman (none)
Talk Show (none)
Talk Talk (none)
Talking Heads (2 songs)
The Tall Poppies (none)
Taller Para Ninos (none)
Tallman (none)
Tally Hall (2 songs)
Tamarack (2 songs)
Tamarama (none)
Tambalane (none)
Tamia (none)
Dave Tamkin (none)
Tony Tammaro (none)
Tampon Popsicle (none)
Tams, John (1 song)
Tanel Padar And The Sun (none)
Tangiers (none)
Tango Feroz (none)
Tankcsapda (1 song)
Serj Tankian (none)
Tant Strul (none)
Tante Leen (none)
Tantric (none)
Tantum Ergo (none)
David Tao (none)
Tap 011 (none)
Tapes N Tapes (none)
Tapinarii (none)
Juha Tapio (none)
Tapioca Fugitive (none)
Taproot (none)
Tara Perdida (none)
Taraaz (none)
Tariq (1 song)
Tarkan (none)
Tarkio (3 songs)
Francesco Tarrega (none)
Francis Tarrega (none)
Francisco Tarrega (none)
Tarver, Katelyn (3 songs)
Taschenbillard (none)
Daniel Tashian (none)
Taste (none)
Tat (none)
Tattle Tale (none)
Evert Taube (none)
Evan Taubenfeld (none)
Taxiride (none)
Ben Taylor (none)
Chip Taylor (none)
Taylor, Chris (1 song)
Corey Taylor (none)
Eric Taylor (none)
Taylor, James (4 songs)
Johnnie Taylor (none)
Justin Taylor (none)
Taylor, Kim (1 song)
Taylor, Larry Joe (3 songs)
Taylor, Livingston (1 song)
Maria Taylor (none)
Michelle Taylor (none)
Mick Taylor (none)
Otis Taylor (none)
Pauline Taylor (none)
R. Dean Taylor (none)
Roger Taylor (none)
Steve Taylor (none)
Terry Taylor (none)
Terry Scott Taylor (none)
Tazenda (none)
Tchaikovsky (none)
Piotr Tchaikovsky (none)
Tea Leaf Green (2 songs)
Tea Party (none)
Teach In (none)
Teachers Pet (none)
Team (none)
Team Dresch (none)
Team Sleep (none)
Teardrop Explodes (none)
Tears For Fears (3 songs)
Tears Of Blood (none)
The Tears (none)
Tech N9ne (none)
Technicolor Fabrics (none)
Technicolour (none)
Tecumseh (none)
Ted Mulry Gang (none)
Ryan Tedder (none)
Teddy And The Pandas (none)
Teddy Bears (none)
Teddybears STHLM (none)
Teddybears Stockholm (none)
Tedeschi, Susan (1 song)
Teen Idles (none)
Teen Idols (none)
Teen Tops (none)
Teenage Bottle Rocket (none)
Teenage Fanclub (17 songs)
Teenage Love (none)
Teer (none)
Teeth (none)
Tegan And Sara (7 songs)
Tego Calderon (none)
Tehosekoitin (1 song)
Jahn Teigen (none)
Teitur (none)
Renato Teixeira (none)
Tekin, Ozlem (6 songs)
Telecast (1 song)
Telegraph (1 song)
Telephone (none)
Television (none)
Television Personalities (2 songs)
William Tell (none)
Sebastien Tellier (none)
Bob Telson (none)
Jack Tempchin (none)
Tempeau (none)
Tempercalm (none)
Joey Tempest (none)
Templar (none)
Temple Of The Dog (none)
Luke Temple (none)
Owen Temple (none)
Temptations, The (1 song)
Ten 2 Five (none)
Ten Falls Forth (none)
Ten Foot Pole (1 song)
Ten Masked Men (none)
Ten Second Epic (none)
Ten Sharp (none)
Ten Shekel Shirt (1 song)
Ten Yard Fight (none)
Ten Years After (none)
Tender Forever (none)
Teresa Teng (none)
Tenhi (none)
Chalee Tennison (none)
Tenor7 (none)
Tenth Avenue Frozen Out (none)
Tenth Avenue North (none)
Tenth Level Tauren Chieftain (none)
Teoman (none)
Robert Tepper (none)
Tera Melos (none)
Terapia (none)
Terasbetoni (none)
Terence Trent Darby (1 song)
Marc Terenzi (none)
Teriyaki Boyz (none)
Terminaator (none)
Terminal (none)
Terminal Karma (none)
Ternheim, Anna (2 songs)
Terracotta Doggies (none)
Terrapin Trainstation (none)
Tammi Terrell (none)
Terror (none)
Terrorgruppe (none)
Terrorizer (none)
Terrorvision (none)
sumsion terry (none)
Jonna Tervomaa (none)
Tesla (1 song)
Mario Tessuto (none)
Test Icicles (none)
Test Your Reflex (none)
Testament (none)
Testeagles (none)
Testicles (none)
Tete (none)
Texas (none)
Texas Is The Reason (none)
Texas Lightning (none)
Texas Tornados (4 songs)
Texas, Tyler T (1 song)
Texter (none)
Tha Sunshine Narcotics (none)
Thalia (none)
Thao (none)
Joakim Thastrom (none)
That Dog (1 song)
That Handsome Devil (none)
The (1 song)
The 4th Dimension (none)
The 6ths (none)
The 77s (none)
The Academy Is (1 song)
The Black Mages (none)
The Bones (2 songs)
The Boy Least Likely To (none)
The Bruisers (none)
The Call (3 songs)
The City On Film (none)
The Click Five (3 songs)
The Dresden Dolls (none)
The Expendables (none)
The Explosion (1 song)
The Flamin\' Groovies (none)
the George Baker Selection (none)
the Grace of God (none)
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (none)
The JY Connection (1 song)
The Laziest Men On Mars (none)
The North Mississippi Allstars (none)
The Plimsouls (none)
The Presidents of the United States of America (none)
The Sunday Drivers (none)
The Swingers (none)
Theatre Of Tragedy (none)
Theatres Des Vampires (none)
Thelonius Monster (none)
Them (none)
Thenewno2 (none)
Theoretical Girl (none)
Theory Of A Deadman (1 song)
Therapy (2 songs)
There For Tomorrow (none)
Therion (none)
The Thermals (none)
Thermo (none)
Theroux, Lucas (1 song)
These Animal Men (none)
These Arms Are Snakes (none)
These New Puritans (none)
Thestart (none)
Theuns, Jordaan (1 song)
They Might Be Giants (13 songs)
Thibaud, Todd (2 songs)
Robin Thicke (none)
Hf Thiefaine (none)
Matt Thien (none)
Thievery Corporation (none)
Chris Thile (none)
Thin Dark Line (none)
Thin Lizzy (none)
Things Fall Apart (none)
Things In Herds (none)
Things Of Stone And Wood (none)
Thingy (none)
Third Day (6 songs)
Third Eye Blind (2 songs)
Third Strike (none)
Third Try (none)
Third Tyme Out (2 songs)
Third World (none)
Third World Bliss (none)
Thirsty Merc (none)
Thirteen Senses (1 song)
This Beautiful Republic (none)
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb (2 songs)
This Day And Age (none)
This Is Hell (none)
This Providence (1 song)
This Will Destory You (none)
This Will Destroy You (none)
This Years Anthem (none)
Thom (none)
Sandi Thom (none)
Sven Van Thom (none)
B.J. Thomas (none)
Carl Thomas (none)
Thomas, Daniel (1 song)
Dante Thomas (none)
Thomas, Fred (1 song)
Ian Thomas (none)
Keni Thomas (none)
Kevin Thomas (none)
Kevin M Thomas (none)
Mick Thomas (none)
Natasha Thomas (none)
Nicky Thomas (none)
Ray Thomas (none)
Thomas, Rob (1 song)
Thomas, Rosie (1 song)
Brad Thomlinson (none)
Thompson Brothers (none)
Thompson Twins (none)
Thompson, Hank (8 songs)
Luke Thompson (none)
Thompson, Richard (4 songs)
Sue Thompson (none)
Thompson, Teddy (2 songs)
Verlon Thompson (none)
Cyndi Thomson (none)
Thor (none)
Thorn, Paul (1 song)
Thornley (none)
Thorns (none)
Thornton, Billy Bob (2 songs)
Marsha Thornton (none)
Thorogood, George (2 songs)
Valient Thorr (none)
Thorrs Hammer (none)
Those Dancing Days (none)
Those Gyrating Guys (none)
Thou Art Lord (none)
Thought Industry (none)
Thought Riot (none)
Thoughtless Jolly (none)
Thousand Foot Krutch (1 song)
Thoushaltnot (none)
Thrash Talker (1 song)
Thrasher Shiver (none)
Three 6 Mafia (none)
Three Amigos (none)
Three Days Grace (1 song)
Three Degrees (none)
Three Dog Night (1 song)
Three Doors Down (none)
Three Of Hearts (none)
Three Plus (none)
Three Pronged Baldric (none)
Three Six Mafia (none)
Threebrain (none)
Threefoot (none)
Threshold (none)
Thrice (2 songs)
Thrills (none)
Throne Of Ahaz (none)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead (none)
Through You (none)
Throw Me The Statue (none)
Throwdown (none)
Bolt Thrower (none)
Throwing Muses (1 song)
Thugg Life (none)
Thunder (none)
Thunderbirds Are Now (none)
Thunderbugs (none)
Thunderclap Newman (none)
Thunderhead (none)
Thunders, Johnny (7 songs)
Thursday (none)
Thus Defiled (none)
Thy Serpent (none)
Thyrfing (none)
Ti (1 song)
Tiamat (1 song)
Tic Band (none)
Tickle Me Pink (none)
Tide (none)
Tierra Santa (none)
Yann Tiersen (none)
Mladen Vojicic Tifa (none)
Tiffany (none)
Tiger Army (1 song)
Tiger Lillies (none)
Tihuana (1 song)
Tikaram, Tanita (2 songs)
Tiki Taane (none)
Tiktak (none)
Til Tuesday (none)
Tillis, Mel (3 songs)
Tillis, Pam (1 song)
Floyd Tillman (none)
Tillotson, Johnny (2 songs)
Tilly And The Wall (3 songs)
Martha Tilston (none)
Tilt (none)
Timbaland (none)
Timber (none)
Timberlake, Justin (1 song)
Timbuk 3 (none)
Timbuktu (none)
Time (none)
Time Again (none)
Time Spent Driving (none)
Time Tells All (none)
Times New Viking (none)
Times, The (2 songs)
Timesbold (1 song)
Timo Rautiainen And Trio Niskalaukaus (none)
Mary Timony (none)
Timoria (none)
Timothy Seth Avett As Darling (1 song)
Tindersticks (none)
Tinturia (none)
Tiny Dancers (none)
Tiny Masters Of Today (none)
Tiny Tim (none)
Tip The Van (none)
Tippe, Rick (1 song)
Tippin, Aaron (5 songs)
Tiromancino (none)
Tisdale, Ashley (1 song)
Tism (none)
Titas (none)
Titi Dj (none)
Titiyo (none)
Tito And Tarantula (none)
Tityo (none)
Tiziano Ferro (none)
Tjay (none)
Tk (none)
TLC (none)
Tm Revolution (none)
Tmesis (none)
Tmp (none)
TNT (none)
To My Surprise (none)
Toad The Wet Sprocket (3 songs)
Toadies (none)
Toasters (1 song)
Toback, Jeremy (1 song)
Charles Tobias (none)
Ken Tobias (none)
Josh Tobin (none)
Toby Mac (none)
tobyMac (none)
Tocotronic (3 songs)
Today Is The Day (none)
Agnew Todd (none)
Todeskampf (none)
Toe (none)
Alex Toh (none)
Tohpati (none)
Tokens (none)
Tokio Hotel (2 songs)
Tokyo Police Club (1 song)
Tokyo Rose (none)
Michael Tolcher (none)
Tolidos (1 song)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (none)
Ginger Tom (none)
Tomahawk (none)
Jelena Tomasevic (none)
Rolo Tomassi (none)
Simone Tomassini (none)
Tomhet (none)
Tomi Swick (1 song)
Tomislav Ivsic (1 song)
Tomlin, Chris (9 songs)
Tommy James and the Shondells (1 song)
Tomoyasu Hotei (none)
Tompall And The Glazier Brothers (none)
Tompi (none)
Tomte (1 song)
Ton (none)
Tone-loc (none)
Pete Tong (none)
Tonic (1 song)
Little Tony (none)
Too Far Gone (none)
Too Much Joy (1 song)
Too Sorry For Apologies (1 song)
Tool (1 song)
Toots and the Maytals (1 song)
Top Suzara (none)
Toploader (none)
Toranja (none)
La Tordue (none)
Torgerson, Scotty (1 song)
Tories (none)
Toronto (none)
Diego Torres (none)
Tortoise (none)
Stella Tortoise (none)
Torture Killer (none)
Peter Tosh (none)
Tossers, The (3 songs)
Sylvia Tosun (none)
Total (1 song)
Total Chaos (none)
Totalitar (none)
Totenmond (none)
Toto (none)
Toughassmotherfucker (none)
Tourettes (none)
Touriste (none)
Tourniquet (none)
Toussaint (none)
Allen Toussaint (none)
Tower Of Hundred (none)
Tower Of Power (none)
Towers of London (1 song)
Townes Van Zandt (14 songs)
Devin Townsend (none)
Townsend/Lane (none)
Pete Townshend (none)
Toxic Reasons (none)
Toxic Rock (none)
Toxik (none)
Toy Dolls (none)
Umberto Tozzi (none)
Tq (none)
Tractors (none)
Tracy And Paul (none)
Trademark (none)
Tradewinds (none)
Trading Yesterday (1 song)
Traditional (48 songs)
Traditional Irish (none)
Traffas, Aaron (1 song)
Traffic (1 song)
Traffic Island (none)
Tragically Hip, The (4 songs)
Trail Of Dead (none)
Trail Of Tears (none)
Trailer Choir (none)
Trailer Park Boys, The (2 songs)
Train (6 songs)
Trainwreck (none)
Traktion (none)
Tramp Attack (none)
Trampled By Turtles (none)
Tramps (none)
Trang Fodsel (none)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (1 song)
Transplants (none)
Transvision Vamp (none)
Tranzas (none)
Chris Trapper (none)
Trapt (none)
Trash (none)
Trash Light Vision (none)
Trash Talk (none)
Trashcan Sinatras (1 song)
Trashmen (none)
Druha Trava (none)
Travail (none)
Traveling Wilburys (8 songs)
Pat Travers (none)
Travis (11 songs)
Travis, Merle (2 songs)
Travis, Randy (21 songs)
Travka (none)
Travoltas (none)
Tröckener Kecks (none)
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti (none)
Tre Små Kinesere (none)
Treble Charger (none)
Tree (none)
Tree 63 (2 songs)
Lynni Treekrem (none)
Tremolo (none)
Marianas Trench (none)
Trent Tomlinson (none)
Trepalium (none)
Tres De Corazon (none)
Trespassers William (1 song)
Trevino, Rick (7 songs)
The Trews (none)
Trey Songz (none)
Triads (none)
Trial Kennedy (none)
Tribal Seeds (none)
Tribal Tech (none)
Tribalistas (none)
Trick Daddy (none)
Trick Pony (1 song)
Trick, Cheap (1 song)
Tricky (none)
Triffids (none)
Trigger Point (none)
Triggerfinger (none)
Trini Triggs (none)
Trigun (none)
Trillville (none)
Trinity Roots (none)
Trio (none)
Trio Los Panchos (none)
Trip Shakespeare (none)
Tripl3fastaction (none)
Triple Helix (none)
Triple Seven (none)
TriPod (2 songs)
Tripping Daisy (none)
Tristania (none)
Tritt, Travis (17 songs)
Triumph (none)
Trivium (1 song)
Trixter (none)
Trocadero (none)
Kathy Troccoli (none)
Troggs, The (2 songs)
Troll (none)
Genghis Tron (none)
Tronic (none)
Trooper (1 song)
Trooper, Greg (5 songs)
Trophy Scars (1 song)
Tropika (none)
Trouble (none)
Bobby Troup (none)
Trout Fishing In America (none)
Robin Trower (none)
Johnny Truant (none)
Truckers Drive (none)
Trucks (none)
Truckstop Honeymoon (7 songs)
True Renegade (none)
TrueFaith (none)
Lam Truong (none)
Trust (none)
Trust Company (none)
Trust Foundation (none)
Truth Corroded (none)
Tryo (none)
Tsjuder (none)
Tsoukalas Antreas (none)
Anna Tsuchiya (none)
Tsunami Bomb (none)
Tsv 1860 Muenchen (none)
Tuatara (none)
Tub Ring (none)
Tubb, Ernest (20 songs)
Tubes (none)
Marta Sui Tubi (none)
Tucker, Tanya (7 songs)
Tue Loup (1 song)
Tue West (none)
Tuesdays (none)
Tuffs (none)
Dean Tuftin (none)
Antti Tuisku (none)
Tullycraft (none)
Tumes, Michelle (1 song)
Tunnan Och Moroten (none)
Tunng (none)
Tunstall, Kt (1 song)
Tupelo Honey (none)
Turbonegro (1 song)
Turf (none)
Luca Turilli (none)
Turin Brakes (4 songs)
Turmion Katilot (none)
Turn Off The Stars (none)
Turner Lane (none)
Turner, Frank (1 song)
Joe Lynn Turner (none)
Turner, Josh (4 songs)
Kreesha Turner (none)
Turner, Tina (1 song)
Turner, Toby (1 song)
Trik Turner (none)
Turntable Rockers (none)
Turos Hevi Gee (none)
Turtle Shell Tanks (none)
Turtles (1 song)
Tarja Turunen (none)
Tommy Tutone (none)
Wesley Tuttle (none)
The Tutts (none)
Tuuli (none)
Tv (none)
Tv Carpio (none)
Tv On The Radio (1 song)
Tv Rock (none)
Twain, Shania (11 songs)
Twang (none)
Twarres (none)
Tweak (none)
Tweaker (none)
Twenty For Seven (none)
Twilight (none)
The Twilight Singers (none)
Twin Atlantic (none)
Twin Obscenity (none)
Twinkle (none)
Twinkle Funk Allstars (2 songs)
Twinzero (1 song)
Twista (none)
Twisted Black (none)
Twisted Coil (none)
Twisted Halo (none)
Twisted Sister (1 song)
Twisted Thoughts (none)
Twisted Wheel (none)
Twister (none)
Twitty, Conway (16 songs)
Twiztid (none)
Two (none)
Two Gallants (1 song)
Two Guys And A Fella (none)
Two Hours Traffic (2 songs)
Two Nice Girls (1 song)
Two Thirty Eight (none)
Two Tongues (none)
Two Words (2 songs)
Twoface (none)
Berri Txarrak (none)
Tycho (1 song)
Tye Tribbett (none)
Tyketto (none)
Bates Tyler (none)
Bonnie Tyler (none)
Brian Tyler (none)
James Tyler (none)
Tyler, Kris (5 songs)
Tyler, Kyte (1 song)
Ryan Tyler (none)
Tymes 4 (none)
Tyminski, Dan (1 song)
Type O Negative (none)
Typecast (2 songs)
Mary Typhoid (none)
Tyravyo (none)
Tyrese (none)
Tysen (none)
Tyson, Ian (5 songs)
Tzu (none)
Judie Tzuke (none)