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U Got It Bad (Usher)

U Plus Ur Hand (Pink)

U R (Morissette, Alanis)

U Remind Me (Usher)

U-Mass (Pixies)

U-Mu La Mah-Ri (Morbid Angel)

u-s forces (Midnight Oil)

U.S.A. (Exploited)

U16 Girls (Travis)

Ubers Ende Der Welt (Tokio Hotel)

Ubleed (Hurt)

Ueber Den Wolken (Mey, Reinhard)

ueber den wolken (Mey, Reinhard)

Ueber Die Weiten Midgards (Absurd)

Uebers Ende Der Welt (Tokio Hotel)

Uendelig Trist (deLillos)

Ufo (Faulkner, Newton)

uglatto (Devo)

Ugly (Age Of Electric)

Ugly (Bon Jovi)

Ugly (Cinder)

Ugly (Cold)

Ugly (Dir En Grey)

Ugly (Hatfield, Juliana)

Ugly (Jovi, Jon Bon)

Ugly (Life Of Agony)

Ugly (Sevendust)

Ugly (Smashing Pumpkins)

Ugly (Sparxxx, Bubba)

Ugly (Violent Femmes)

Ugly American (Poison Idea)

Ugly Bastards (Casualties)

Ugly Beast (Skarlet)

Ugly Demo (Smashing Pumpkins)

Ugly Girl (Fleming & John)

Ugly in the morning (Faith No More)

Ugly Side (Blue October)

Ugly Truth (Soundgarden)

Ugly Truth (Sweet, Matthew)

Ugly Truth (Sweet, Matthew)

Ugly truth rock (Sweet, Matthew)

Ugly Valentine (Carissas Wierd)

Uh All Night (Kiss)

Uh Oh (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Uh Oh Hello (Elefant)

Uh! All Night (Kiss)

Uhaul (Hour Cast)

uhhh (Lemonheads)

Uhhhh (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss (Bloodhound Gang, The)

Uimane Ja Vsinud (Vennaskond)

Ujaloun Mein (Mizraab)

Uk National Anthem (Misc. Traditional)

Ukranian Bell Song (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

Ukulele (Kalaka)

ulaw (Assembly Language)

Ulitinreset (Imago)

Ulterior Exterior (Napalm Death)

Ultimate Showdown (Lemon Demon)

Ultimate Sweetness (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Ultimate Test (Surg)

Ultimate Trip (Riverside)

Ultra (KMFDM)

Ultra Mega (Powerman 5000)

Ultra moderne solitude (Souchon, Alain)

Ultra Violence (Lower Class Brats)

Ultra violet (U2)

Ultra-Motion (Annihilator)

Ultramild (Damaged)

Ultranol (Blur)

Ultrasound (Sandwich)

Ultrasuede (Sweet, Matthew)

ultrasuede (Sweet, Matthew)

Ultraviolet (Light My Way) (U2)

Ulysses (Jennings, Mason)

Um Sonho Psychodelico (Ancient)

Umaaraw Umuulan (Rivermaya)

Umbabarauma (Soulfly)

Umbilical Moonrise (Lotus)

Umbrella (Clyro, Biffy)

Umbrella (Dog's Eye View)

Umbrella (Tegan And Sara)

Umbrella Acoustic (Rihanna)

Umm (Innocent Bystanders)

Ummagumma Album (Pink Floyd)

Ummmm (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Un Angel Llora (Moreno, Anette)

Un Beso Al Aire Y Un Tiro Al Pecho (Division Minuscula)

Un Canadien Errant (Misc. Traditional)

Un Condenado Te Amo (Meneguzzi, Paolo)

Un Dia Normal (Juanes)

Un giorno credi (Bennato, Edoardo)

Un Giorno Credi (Bennato, Edoardo)

Un Giorno Credi (Bennato, Eduardo)

Un Jour En France (Noir Désir)

un lugar celestial (Velasquez, Jaci)

Un Lugar Celestial (A Heavenly Place) (Misc. Gospel)

Un Millon De Anos Luz (Soda Stereo)

Un Millon De Aos Luz (Soda Stereo)

Un Misil En Mi Placard (Soda Stereo)

Un Muro Por Cruzar (Union 13)

Un Nuevo Amor (Tranzas)

Un Passo Indietro (Negramaro)

Un Poco De Amor Frances (Patricio Rey)

Un Romantico A Milano (Baustelle)

Un Sandpiper (Kyuss)

Un Stookie Titled (Babyshambles)

un velero llamado (Perales, Jose Luis)

Un Vestido Y Un Amor (Paez, Fito)

Una Carta (Grillos, Jaula De)

Una Festa Sui Prati (Celentano, Adriano)

una festa sui prati (Celentano, Adriano)

Una Miniera (New Trolls)

Una Palabra (Varela, Carlos)

Una Storia Sbagliata (Andrè, Fabrizio De)

Unacceptable (Bad Religion)

Unaffected (Hoobastank)

Unamed (Linen)

Unamed (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Unamorist (heep,)

Unanswered prayers (Brooks, Garth)

Unanswered Prayers (Brooks, Garth)

Unas Slayer of the Gods (Nile)

Unashamed (Christian City Church Oxford Falls)

Unattractive (Toadies)

Unaware (My Favorite Highway)

Unbelievable (Anal Cunt)

Unbelievable (Def Leppard)

Unbelievable (EMF)

Unbelievable (Skin)

Unbelievable (Ann Marie) (Gracin, Josh)

Unbeliever (Septic Flesh)

Unbilo Titled (Babyshambles)

Unborn (Reveille)

Unbound (Misc. Unsigned Bands)

Unbreak My Heart (Braxton, Toni)

unbreak my heart (Braxton, Toni)

Unbreakable (Jackson, Michael)

Unbreakable (Keys, Alicia)

Unbreakable (Suicide Machines)

Unbridled (Samhain)

Unbroken (Bonamassa, Joe)

Unbroken (Killswitch Engage)

Unbroken (McGraw, Tim)

Unbroken Chain (Grateful Dead, The)

unbroken chain (Grateful Dead, The)

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